European Trade: The Frenchman

Here’s the entirety of European Trade: The Frenchman, a hot new story by Gavin Rockhard! Beware: this tale of gay erotica contains a baguette!

Kyle didn’t discover that the men were lumberjacks and that they were on strike until much later. When he happened upon them, they appeared to be a couple dozen of the most muscular men he had ever seen, lounging around, drinking coffee and looking nonchalant when pretty girls walked by. It was a very sedate strike.

Kyle was here in France — visiting from his native Canada — in order to taste the masculine fruit of the country. And there was no sweeter fruit than these lumberjacks. Their muscles bulged against the black and white-striped shirts they wore, with low v-necks that showed off their strapping chest muscles.

One, in particular, attracted Kyle’s gaze. He was tall, broad-shouldered, mustached and grizzle-chinned, with a tattoo of a French flag visible on his chest and one of Marianne on his left bicep, which was bare beneath a sleeveless shirt.

“Bonjour,” Kyle said. He knew his French was good, if Quebecois-accented. “Je m’appelle Kyle.”

The man grunted. He screwed up his nose when Kyle sat next to him at the little cafe table. He looked like he was about to say something, but then a pretty middle-aged woman walked by, gabbing on her cell phone. The man watched her with intent interest.

“I would like to pay you money,” Kyle said. He blushed, momentarily at a loss for words as the man glared at him.

“I am on strike,” he said.

“No, no, I’m not going to pay you for your job, I have something special in mind,” Kyle said. “I want you to come back to my hotel room. I’ll pay you five hundred euros.”


“Five hundred euros. You just come back to my hotel room, and… y’know, let me do some stuff.”


“You know…”

“You show me,” he said as though he had a good guess and simply wanted confirmation. He frowned. “Under table.”

Kyle looked among the other lumberjacks, who smoked cigarettes and lazed like they were taking the day off instead of striking. One of them looked at the man as though he wanted to know what was happening, but he did not ask.

Shivering with fear and anticipation, Kyle dove underneath the cafe table. Tourists walked by, sneaking glances at him. The man wore blue pants made of some thick fabric; back in Canada, Kyle would have guessed they were Dickies but he wasn’t sure if that was a thing in France. He didn’t what he was expected to do, but he stuck his head between the man’s legs and kissed his cock.

“Tu es sale.”

The man wore no underwear. His massive, limp dick was palpable beneath the fabric of his pants. He laughed a deep, baritone boom when Kyle kissed his dick. When he laughed, his dick twitched.

The man stood up, and Kyle crawled out from underneath the table. The man stood there. He lit a cigarette. When Kyle stood near him, the man pointed to the ground. He ashed right on Kyle’s head.

“Crawl,” he said. He didn’t wait for an answer. He just turned around and walked away, and Kyle got down on all fours. He followed after him, keeping his head up and as close as he could get, so he could smell the man’s thick asscheeks.

He didn’t leave the cafe. He walked to the counter, and Kyle blushed intensely. The pretty girl clerk looked at him with a curious expression as she sold the man a baguette. She smiled flirtatiously at him, and she called him Hugo.

Hugo smiled at her. “Tu es très jolie,” he said. He kissed her on the lips, and she swooned into his arms.

For a moment, Kyle thought he was forgotten, that Hugo was going to take this girl into the men’s room and fuck her. But the girl pushed him away. She squealed and slapped him lightly, though she laughed and blushed as though she was happy to have kissed him despite the slap.

Hugo left her with a shrug, like he didn’t care that she had rejected him. He returned to his table, grabbed the beret he had left there, finished his coffee and walked off. He didn’t glance behind him at Kyle, who scampered after him.

“I thought we’d go to my hotel room. I’ll suck your dick and lick your asshole and you can fuck me,” Kyle said. “I’ll do anything you want. Five hundred euros.”


“Okay. Thanks, Hugo,” Kyle said. “My hotel is-“

“Non,” he said. He stopped walking. They were in the cafe’s backyard. It didn’t appear to be used very often, but it was maintained. It was a small grassy plot that faced a cobblestoned alley. There was a row of shrubs that prevented anyone from seeing fully in, but the yard was not concealed — no one could see anything roughly below Hugo’s waist. Of course, people in the cafe’s kitchen could see through a window, but it seemed Hugo didn’t much care about that.

Hugo took off a hunk of the baguette with his teeth. He loudly munched on it, while Kyle settled on his knees in front of Hugo’s body. His face was just inches from Hugo’s crotch.

“Is it… do you want me to just…?”

“Suck,” Hugo said, his mouth full of bread. Crumbs landed on Kyle’s face. “Sucer.”

Kyle unzipped Hugo fly and pulled his pants down. He wasn’t wearing underwear, so his thick cockshaft popped right out. It hit Kyle in the face, making Hugo laugh.

“You have a big dick.”

“Oui,” Hugo said. His face was flat and expressionless. He puffed on the cigarette in one hand, then took another bite of the baguette. His burgundy beret almost fell off his head.

Kyle kissed his cocktip again. It twitched just like before, but now Kyle could taste the musty smell of his sweat. His uncut cock tasted something like a vineyard, Kyle thought, not the wine part, but the unused mash, the waste left over after making wine — he had gone on a tour of a real French vineyard before he found Hugo. It was musty and sweet and strong, and it made Kyle’s dick hard.

“Colette,” Hugo said. His voice was as grim and flat as his face. Kyle didn’t know what he meant at first, but then Hugo repeated it. “Colette.” He took a few steps closer to the window that faced the cafe’s kitchen. Kyle had to scramble after him to stay in front of his still-limp cock. That placed Kyle up against the ancient brick wall of the cafe, while Hugo’s big body filled the open window into the kitchen. “Colette.”

That pretty waitress from inside walked in there from the cafe. She scoffed at Hugo. “Eh, Hugo, go away, I am busy.”

From her position in the kitchen, she couldn’t see that Hugo’s dick was out, and she couldn’t see that Kyle was letting that entire shaft drop into his mouth. He suckled on it, as passionately as he could without making much noise. He wasn’t sure if Hugo was deliberately hiding the blowjob from Colette, but he didn’t want to make more attention than he had to — he didn’t even really want this to be public, that wasn’t something Kyle liked. He would have rather taken Hugo into a hotel room and had his way with him.

“I have written a poem,” Hugo said. His dick was beginning to get hard now that Colette was paying attention to him.

She blushed and laughed again. She waved him off, but she also moved closer, washing dishes near enough to the window that she could hear him.

“Let me see your breasts,” he said. His cock throbbed in Kyle’s mouth. “Or just one. They are so beautiful, they are like poems of the flesh. My words can never be as inspired as they are.”

She undid her blouse, and let one of her tits fly free. She made it look rather casual, as though it was an accident, though she had clearly done so deliberately. Hugo lowered his head and tried to suck on her nipple, as his dick fully perked up to full erection in Kyle’s mouth.

“Hush, Hugo, I am married,” she said. She took her breast away and covered it up. “Let me hear your poem.”

He straightened his back. His dick twitched in Kyle’s mouth, and he lit another cigarette. He exhaled the smoke away from the cafe. He put the baguette down on a table that sat out back — it had a wobbly leg, so it tottered when he put the baguette on it. His heavy, hairy balls rested on Kyle’s chin, dripping sweat onto him while the first few drops of salty precum hit his tongue.

You are pretty like Paris

When it lights up at night

You are an oasis of illumination

In a desert of night-time

You are where the camel drinks at last

Before it dies

Under the fierce Algerian sun

You are my canteen

The final drink

The last one I need

To die on sand, satisfied

And thirst, quenched

Vous êtes jolie comme Paris

Quand il allume la nuit

Vous êtes une oasis d’illumination

Dans un désert de nuit

Vous êtes là où le chameau boit enfin,

Avant qu’il ne meurt

Sous le soleil algérien féroce

Vous êtes ma cantine

La boisson finale

La dernière que je dois

Pour mourir sur le sable, satisfait

Et la soif, trempé

She blushed and smiled. “That is very pretty, Hugo,” she said. She patted him on the muscular belly beneath his lumberjack’s shirt. His skin puckered at her touch, and his dick twitched. She bared her tit again for him, making him growl with desire. She covered it back up with a giggle. “But you did tell the same poem to Maria last week. She has told me about it.”

Hugo’s mouth opened but no words came out. His deep voice rumbled. He had obviously not meant to get caught at this. She laughed at his reaction, then turned around and walked away.

“Damn it!” Hugo snorted when she was gone. “Merde!” The kitchen was empty.

He pistoned his hips before Kyle could react. That pushed his entire cock down Kyle’s throat. Kyle choked and spasmed, and his own dick leaked precum into his fingers. His head banged painfully into the wall behind him.

He slathered spit all along the shaft, coughing up so much saliva it dripped in clumps. Hugo’s muscles bulged beneath his black-and-white striped shirt, which had a few dark spots now where he sweated through it.

Kyle’s hands stretched up to Hugo’s chest, slipping under that shirt to massage his hairy muscles. He had a thick nest of fur there on his torso, which Kyle loved. He wished he could get up and lick his chest clean, but he had a feeling Hugo would not allow that.

As Kyle groped Hugo, Hugo groped as well — his hands slipped into the window, where he felt around until he found a cheese plate. He pulled it out. The smell of funky cheese filled the air, overpowering even the precum and sweat scent of Hugo’s cock.

As he pumped his hips, fucking Kyle’s face, Hugo ignored his choking and his frenzied sucking. He just grabbed the baguette he had half-eaten, and he made himself a cheese sandwich, just by ripping off hunks of bread and cheese. He ate it vociferously, crumbs landing all over Kyle and even on Hugo’s dick so Kyle could taste the bread and the sour cheese.

All of a sudden, Hugo pulled off Kyle’s face. He jammed the baguette into Kyle’s face as though trying to make him deepthroat that as well. He laughed cruelly when the baguette just left crumbs all over Kyle’s cheeks.

“Lick my ass. Lécher mon cul.”

Then he turned around. His asscheeks were big and plump and tanned brown. They were hairy, but not extremely so, they were just hairy enough for Kyle. He dove his face between those cheeks.

Hugo grunted like he was surprised. Kyle loved licking ass though, so he enthusiastically lapped at the sweat that trickled between Hugo’s cheeks. His body was big and plump, so his ass was juicy. Kyle’s entire face fit between those delicious cheeks. He sucked every inch of Hugo’s funky hole.

His eyes and his nose were covered by sexy manmeat, but Kyle could hear that something was happening. Hugo shifted his weight a little, like he faced a different direction now. Hugo said something and laughed — was that aimed at Kyle? He couldn’t tell.

Eventually Kyle had to come up for air. He was still pinned between the wall and Hugo’s big ass, but he could see just barely that there was a white-faced mime in the alley. He must have been walking by and seen Hugo getting his ass licked.

Now the mime was bent over, leaning against the fence with his ass in the air. He wiggled his ass like a dog trying to scratch an itch. That made Hugo laugh, and Kyle joined in — the mime was making fun of them. He was in the same position as Hugo, moving his ass as though an invisible man licked it.

Kyle licked all the way from the top of Hugo’s ass, right at the small of his back, down his asscrack, over his hole and through the funky hair of his taint. Kyle’s head appeared on the other side of his body, where Kyle swallowed his heavy ballsac.

Hugo grunted. He lifted his balls up, then plopped them back in Kyle’s mouth a few times.

Sensing that Hugo was ready to move on, Kyle stood up, very slowly, keeping his tongue out so he licked Hugo’s cockshaft then all the way up his chest and over that black-and-white striped shirt he still wore.

He nearly managed to lick all the way up to Hugo’s face so he could kiss him on the lips — Kyle thought some straight European men would be willing to tolerate that — but Hugo roughly pushed his face away. Probably because his tongue had been inside Hugo’s ass just seconds ago, Kyle thought.

Oh well, that was okay with him. He knew what he wanted to do next. He dropped his own pants to bare his ass, while Hugo watched. He reached into the kitchen again, this time pulling out a bottle of red wine and a glass. He poured himself a drink. He laughed at the mime who mimicked everything Hugo did.

The mime finished his invisible wine and smashed the invisible glass on the road. Then he grabbed an invisible ass and pretended to fuck it, making Hugo laugh some more. The mime was really very good, Kyle thought.

As Hugo actually bent Kyle over for real, the mime beckoned for someone. Kyle blushed as he realized he was about to have an audience.

He bit his lip and threw his head back as Hugo rammed his dick in without a word of warning. He didn’t use any lube at first, but he started to spit on his cockshaft once he felt resistance. The pain in Kyle’s ass was extraordinary, and he moaned in both desire and agony.

It turned out the mime beckoned a musician, an accordionist who laughed when he saw Hugo fucking Kyle. The accordionist began playing musette music, which made the entire experience seem almost romantic to Kyle. The crooning accordion filled the air, covering up the sound of Kyle’s gasping as he accepted more and more of Hugo’s meat.

“Ooh la la,” Kyle said through his moans. His prostate came alive and sent tingles through his body. His pleasure grew in waves with every touch of Hugo’s cock inside him.

Hugo’s sausage-like fingers grabbed ahold of Kyle’s back and held on. His dick was all the way in Kyle’s ass now, his balls slapping against Kyle’s thighs. Kyle squirmed. Hugo grunted.

The tune coming from the accordion changed to a new song. Kyle recognized it but he couldn’t place it at first. He was too overwhelmed by sensations from deep within him to think about it.

It was only when Hugo began singing that Kyle recognized the words and placed it to the tune — it was “La Marseillaise”, the national anthem of France. It was a bloody, martial song and, despite the romance of the accordion, that atmosphere shone through because Hugo sang it with his deep, baritone voice, crackling, booming, pumping his biceps and his pecs on the accented words. He sounded like a soldier marching off to war, Kyle thought, covering up his own moans so he didn’t overpower the sound of Hugo singing.

At last an orgasm ran through Kyle’s body. He loved cumming with a straight man’s cock in his ass because it always made the straight man react — Hugo stopped singing for a moment. He grumbled, then groaned in surprise as Kyle’s asshole clenched around his cock.

When Hugo began to gyrate his hips again, the pain was worse than ever on account of Kyle’s orgasm-tightened ass. That didn’t last long, however, as the smell of cum filled the air, crowding out the bleu cheese and wine that still lingered, and the passion of Hugo’s fucking made Kyle relax

Now he shuddered, aftershocks of his orgasm wracking his body. He was fully limp though, barely able to remain on all fours in front of Hugo, with his ass in the air and his head on the ground.

Since Kyle no longer jacked himself off, Hugo could — and did — treat him like a ragdoll. He held onto Kyle’s asscheeks tightly, riding him, grinding his dick inside Kyle’s body as though he needed to fuck every inch of Kyle’s innards. He grunted out a few indecipherable French syllables.

Once he finished his wine, he smashed the delicate glass on Kyle’s back. A few shards of glass sprayed onto the ground at Kyle’s feet, and the slight twinge of pain made Kyle writhe. The smell of wine was strong now. Kyle squirmed but Hugo kept a tight grip on his body.

“I will drown your ass now,” Hugo said with a broken moan. “Je vais noyer ton cul maintenant…”He slapped Kyle’s cheeks and watched them ripple. His own muscles flexed and rippled as well, as an orgasm washed over his body.

His lit cigarette fell out of his mouth and landed on Kyle’s back, scorching him briefly before it rolled off him and fell onto the ground. He yelped a little, as the pain reawakened the exquisite sensations in his asshole.

Hugo fucked relentlessly, still breaking into the words of “La Marseillaise” every few seconds as the accordionist continued the song (or maybe started it over, Kyle couldn’t tell). Hugo grunted and roared as he fucked, and cum spurted out of his uncut cock.

It filled up Kyle’s ass, dripping into every corner of his body. He shot so much that some of it slipped out his ass, coating his butt and his inner thighs in creamy goodness. It was hot and thick, and it made Kyle moan when he felt wad after wad of semen land on his prostate.

He squirmed. He moved his ass back and forth, fucking himself with Hugo’s dick. Hugo stood perfectly still. He lit yet another cigarette as he still moaned with the power of his own orgasm.

“Ooh la la…” Hugo murmured with a dry, throaty chuckle.

Then his dick was perfectly limp. Kyle pulled off him and sighed. The most incredible relief of his life flooded his body now that his ass was empty. He turned around and dove his face between Hugo’s lumberjack arm and his body. As Hugo breathed heavily, and the mime and accordionist walked away, Kyle licked all the sweat that had collected there in Hugo’s damp armpit.

At last it was over. Hugo flopped his limp dick between his fingers, and he wiped his shaft off with the last little bit of baguette. He rammed the crusty, ass-and-cum-soaked bread into Kyle’s mouth, laughing when it made Kyle cough and choke.

He pulled his pants up, took a drag off his cigarette, then glanced towards the street. There was a pretty girl walking past, and Hugo’s eyes lit up.

“Money,” Hugo said. “Argent, maintenant.”

Kyle had forgotten he hadn’t actually paid yet. He pulled out his wallet, carefully counted out five hundred euros and handed it over. Hugo took it, nodded, then took the rest of the cash out of Kyle’s wallet. He pushed Kyle away and walked out to the main street, calling after the pretty girl.

“Antoinette! Antoinette! Attends-moi!”

Finally left alone, Kyle sighed. He pulled his own pants up and leaned against the fence. Inside the cafe’s kitchen, Colette had returned with a plate of dirty dishes. He wrinkled her nose at Kyle as though she either thought he was homeless or knew he was a tourist and didn’t like them.

But she didn’t tell him to leave the yard, so Kyle just stayed there, smelling the wine, bleu cheese and cum, the combined scent of which would forever make him think of France and the sexiest French stud he had ever met.

He smiled. This European tour, he thought, was going to be even better than he had hoped.

Ice Hockey Jocks

Here’s the beginning of Ice Hockey Jocks, a hot new story by Ricky Chandler!


I couldn’t believe that I was actually on the team now. It was something that I wanted for my whole life. I had wanted to be part of the Newtown Knicks. They were always the most popular hockey team and ever since I was a child, this was something that I have dreamt about. I worked my whole childhood after every day in school practicing and learning how to skate. After I learned how to skate I quickly picked up a stick and started Peter pattering a puck around the rink. My dad would stay late and help skate with me. He would be equally and I would shoot goals on him constantly. During high school I quickly built up my skills, I became the MVP of our team. During the varsity sports I brought our team to the championships. I progressed even further in college. At college, I managed to escalate my skills even further. We were a number one ranked team and we were dominating our field. During my senior year of college I was scouted by the top agents out there. And I had my pick of the litter of which team I wanted to join.


Of course, the team that I decided to join was the Newtown Nick’s. I did it for the money, yes, but, I also did it because that was my favorite team. In fact, they weren’t even offering me the most money. The Westside Patriots offered double the money that these guys were offering but I wanted to go with the team that I respected the most.


Introduction to the team.


On the first day I went down to the ice rink where they practiced, I wore a tank top and brought my gear with me in the bag. I made sure that I looked fresh and clean, I wanted to give a good impression to all the guys. I saw them standing there practicing and also standing watching the practice. And then I tripped as I walked towards the rink. There was a stair that I didn’t see. As I tripped every single one of the members of the team saw me and they started laughing. My face turned bright red as a tomato. I quickly regrouped grabbed my bag and confidently walked towards them.


“This must be one of the recruits” one of them shouted aggressively.


They all started laughing again.


I kept walking and went all the way right past them into the locker room. I put down my bag and I saw a locker with the nameplate “rookie”. I figured this was my spot.

First-Time Ganging the Whole Frat

Here’s a sample from the beginning of First-Time Ganging the Whole Frat! That’s a hot new tale of interracial f/m/m/m action at the sexiest frat party you’ll ever read about!


It was my first day at grad school and I was rather excited about all of the fun I would have. My degree was in psychology and I knew what these boys wanted to. They had been eyeing me for years and years. I had always been a good girl and never gave it up. I was definitely a virgin still. But that didn’t stop me from having all of these dirty thoughts. These dirty thoughts would always creep into my mind and consume my every thought once I lied into bed.


As I sat there in my dorm all alone. I pulled out my vibrator and I started to go to town and myself. Just because I was a virgin didn’t mean I wasn’t sexually active with myself. I knew every ounce of my body. I knew every square inch of it, and I knew how to please myself so well. I did so with great ease tonight thinking about the party that I was supposed to attend tomorrow.


I was invited to this party from an african american guy who worked at a sandwich shop. When I was getting a sandwich he was giving me the eye, and I followed up by getting his number. He told me about this fraternity party that he had tomorrow night and that was just the place that I needed to go. It was just the thing that I wanted to do the start of this new school year, and I always had a thing for black guys since I was a petite white women.


All of this anticipation I had regarding this party tomorrow night was building me up to quite a climax. My vibrator was quick to bring me to the first orgasm. I then reached my hand down and tasted my juices. My juice tonight tasted rather good, a little sweet actually.

The Flight Attendant: First-Time Straight to Gay

Here’s a sample from the beginning of The Flight Attendant: First-Time Straight to Gay, a story by Ricky Chandler, who’s new to this site!


It had been a few weeks now since I joined the airline. I always wanted to be a flight attendant and now that I was it was so fulfilling flying around the country and taking people from destination to destination. The proudest moment was when I got to put the little plastic wing badge on my pocket. Going through the training program was very rigorous.


During the training, although it was rigorous, I developed some really good friendships. All of the other guys were very well groomed and well mannered. Whenever we would go on the training events they were always there hanging out after our shift in different cities. We would walk around and see some really cool sites in the cities.


Although I had started a few weeks ago it was already time for me to graduate from my training this coming Friday. I decided I would wear one of my tight muscle shirts which was also a collared shirt. I just felt very confident that shirt and I wanted to look good.

Betsy Bright, Her Minotaur Man and His Labyrinthine Love

Here’s the first chapter of Betsy Bright, Her Minotaur Man and His Labyrinthine Love, a hot erom tale of romance, passion, lust and one incredible maze!

The only part of her job that didn’t bore Betsy Bright was looking at Mr. Tauren. He was a nearly seven foot tall stud who filled out his tailored Italian suits perfectly. He owned a mining services company, and he was one of those rare CEOs who had really worked his way up the ranks. He had begun slinging coal when he was just out of high school, and received an executive position in his early thirties.

He was impressive, not just because he was a self-made man, but also because he was black. There were very few black people anywhere in this part of Tennessee, and virtually none of them were in the coal industry. Betsy respected the hell out of Mr. Tauren.

And she lusted for him like a schoolgirl. He was broad-shouldered and muscular, with a gruff, no-nonsense manner of speaking. When he got angry with someone, like he was today, he bristled in his suit, muscles remaining tense all day as though they might jump right off his body. He was also scrupulously nice to Betsy whenever he was mad at someone else, seemingly because he worried he would be accidentally mean to her and went out of his way to be nice to avoid that.

“Betsy, I wanted to thank you for your work these days,” Mr. Tauren said. “I know I am not always an easy man to deal with.” His voice was clipped and angry.

“Oh, Mr. Tauren you’re no bully! You’re so nice! You’re easy to deal with,” Betsy said. Then she blushed, not sure if she was obvious in her crush on him.

He smiled. “Well, thank you for all your attentiveness. You can send Walter in,” he said. He was interrupted by more sirens — they had been active for the last hour or so — blaring past outside. “I wonder what’s going on…”

He went into his office then, and Betsy gave him a minute or two to settle in at his desk before nodding for Walter to enter. Walter was a mid-level manager who fidgeted in his ill-fitting suit as he sat there in the waiting room. He took a deep breath and went into the office.

Betsy smiled at him as he went by. She knew he was in trouble. That must be why Mr. Tauren was in an angry mood. Walter was about to get yelled at.

But Mr. Tauren didn’t “yell” exactly, not when he was angry. His deep rumbling voice was loud enough to be audible to Betsy, but she couldn’t make out the words. All she heard was a stentorian mumble of syllables, and Walter’s occasional pleas.

Was Walter fired? It sure sounded like he was begging for his job.

Betsy was distracted by yet more sirens. She went to the window. The cop cars were on their way to South Memphis. That much wasn’t so surprising, since South Memphis was the ghetto. But that had to be just about every cop car in the county heading there all at once. What was going on?

There was nothing on the local newspaper’s website. She was intensely curious, but before she could investigate further, Walter came out of the office. He kept his head held high, but his eyes were reddish and his face was tense — he had definitely been fired.

When Betsy saw him out, he nodded politely and left. He didn’t say anything else. It was tense and nerve-wracking for Betsy, but she felt safe since Mr. Tauren was nearby. He was very protective of her — when Betsy had said she got catcalled by a miner on the way into the office once, Mr. Tauren had left and come back an hour later dragging a miner by the ear to apologize to her.

Mr. Tauren was in his office, working out. He did that when he was bothered by something. It was always obvious what he was doing because he took off his suit — he wore workout clothes underneath — and hung the jacket up outside his office. He believed that it would pick up his sweaty scent from the air if he kept it in there with him he exercised.

Betsy was aroused by the thought of him in that t-shirt-and-track-pants look, which she had only actually seen twice. But both times, it had left her panties tingling.

She idly refreshed the browser on her computer, and shock flooded her at the sight of the updated homepage — Riots in Memphis! She gasped and clicked, her lust for Mr. Tauren forgotten.

There wasn’t much in the way of details at the moment, but over the next few hours, the story became apparent. A black man named Albert White had been shot by police this afternoon, apparently because he was mistaken for a different black man. The most alarming part of the story, for Betsy anyway, was that the riot was not really in South Memphis — it was right here. It was around the corner, or it had started there.

The chaos was all over the city. Betsy wasn’t sure it would be safe to walk back to her car. And when she went to the window, she gasped again — the riot was right there.

Two black men in masks streamed past the window, carrying something burning and possibly a gun, she couldn’t quite see. Betsy squealed at the sight of an overturned car not that much farther away.

“Walter? Get outta here! I-“ Mr. Tauren poked his head out of the office, apparently assuming that it was Walter who had caused Betsy a fright. Mr. Tauren saw Betsy look anxiously out the window and he joined her. He saw the overturned car. “What’s that? A car accident?”

“No… Well, yes,” Betsy said. “But there’s a riot.”


“A riot started a few hours ago. It’s something to do with a police shooting,” Betsy said.

“Those fuckin’ idiots… Pardon my French, ma’am.”

Betsy giggled. “I’ve got news for you, Mr. Tauren. That’s not technically French.”

He smiled. “Oh. Well, le riot est stupide. Is that better?”

“Sounds right.”

He sighed. “Well, you can’t leave.”


“That’s where your car is parked, right? You can’t get to your car, and it wouldn’t be safe for you to drive anywhere anyway. Don’t you live on Martindale? That’s not a nice neighborhood.”

“Oh, I’ll be okay.”

“I insist. I don’t want you to be afraid,” he said. “You can stay here as late as you need to tonight. Don’t clock out, I’ll pay you until it’s safe for you to go home.” He paused. “Or until tomorrow morning. Sorry, I can’t pay you forever. You know how the Board of Directors has been riding-“

“I know, Mr. Tauren, that’s fine. I can’t imagine that the riot will still be going on in the morning,” she said. “But you can’t leave either, can you?”

He took a deep breath. “I guess that’s not really safe either.” He bit his lip. “You might think I’d be safe cuz I’m a big black guy.” He waited, but Betsy wasn’t sure she could say anything that wouldn’t sound racist. “But, uh… It ain’t like that.”

“Mr. Tauren, I never thought that.”

“I look like a cop, okay?”


“They’ll say I look like a cop. I can’t take on every black guy in Memphis,” he said.

“I don’t-“

“It ain’t fair, but that’s how it is. I get accused of being a cop every time I go to South Memphis. They’ll see me and they’ll assume I’m a cop because I don’t sag my pants and I don’t have any neck tattoos, and I’m not a fat nerd or a hipster, so what else could I be but a cop?”

“A lot of things…”

“So I guess I’ll stay here too,” he said. “Just a couple hours.” He paused. “Let’s see what we have in the fridge. I’m getting hungry.”

Betsy wasn’t hungry yet. It wasn’t even technically quitting time — it was four-thirty, so it was awfully close. Betsy didn’t want to eat in front of Mr. Tauren because it would make her feel self-conscious. She wasn’t fat, but she was bigger than she wanted to be.

She had been so distracted by the riot that she barely noticed Mr. Tauren come out of his office wearing that sleeveless t-shirt. His bare arms were the size of her head. He was so tall she had to crane her neck to see his face. His body heat was palpable. He didn’t smell like sweat at all, though she did catch a whiff of his deodorant like it was working overtime.

She tried not to stare at his ass in that sheer track pants fabric as he put together some sandwiches from the small office refrigerator. Luckily Mr. Tauren was a big man who was very active, so he ate frequently and kept food there in the fridge. He had plenty of deli meat and condiments. There was no bread at all — Mr. Tauren didn’t eat carbs — but Betsy didn’t mind that so much. She ate a sandwich minus the bread, while Mr. Tauren finished his work in his office.

When five o’clock came, the riot had only gotten worse. It was starting to get national attention. There was a fire not that far away. Betsy didn’t even feel safe standing near the door anymore.

“I think these people are overreacting,” Betsy blurted out. “This isn’t going to solve police violence.” She blushed, thinking she had offended him. She looked away from him.

“I’m not offended. You’re right. It won’t solve anything in itself,” he said. “But doing nothing won’t solve anything either. The police won’t negotiate policy changes without a gun to their head. If you do put a gun to their head, they won’t negotiate with you, but they will negotiate with those more reasonable protesters they’d been ignoring until then.”

“You’re so smart, Mr. Tauren.”

“You should call me Paul.”

“Okay, Paul,” she said. She blushed. She had never called him his first name before. She shuddered as a bolt of desire ran through her.

“It looks like we’re going to have to sleep here,” Paul said. “Do you want the couch in the waiting room? That’s probably the most comfortable.”

She nodded. “Sure, that’s fine.”

He took a deep breath. “Betsy… I need to tell you something. You can’t tell anyone.”

“Of course. I signed the non-disclosure agreement to work here.”

“It’s not that. It’s… It’s not work-related,” he said. “I… I’m not actually human. Or rather, I am human, but I’m not a normal human. I’m a special kind of human.”

“What are you talking about?”

“We’re cursed. That’s what separates us from normal humans.”

“Mr. Tauren… Paul… what are you talking about?”

“I’m a minotaur.”

“A what?”

“A minotaur.”

“Is that a metaphor?”

“What? No, it’s not a metaphor,” he said. “It’s a literal description of what I am. My natural shape is a half-man, half-bull creature. I can look human, like you see me now, but only with effort. When I sleep, I will turn back to minotaur shape.”

“Mr. Tauren…”

“I will show you,” he said. “I am sorry, I will be naked.” He transformed then into a minotaur, brown muscles sprouting fur as he shot up to maybe twelve feet tall. Horns sprouted from his forehead, and his nostrils flared.

It all happened so quick that Betsy couldn’t process what was happening. She watched him change, still thinking about what he might mean — maybe the Minotaurs was the name of his favorite football team? Was it short for something? Some sort of hip hop crew? Was it a black thing?

But no, she realized, it was real. He was being literal.

A twelve foot tall minotaur stood before her. His dense fur was very real. His horns gleamed. He was naked, a massive bull-like cock dangling right in front of her — that sure looked real too. He let out a baritone roar that sent a shudder through Betsy’s body.

She wanted to go home, but she couldn’t. There was a riot out there, and she wouldn’t be able to find her way anyway. The rioters had probably changed the streets, turning them into an impassable maze. She didn’t live far away, but she could get lost, and that would be dangerous in a riot. She had to stay here with this monster.

Her heart skipped a beat. Was she really going to be here all night? Why not? Nothing had changed, had it? Of course, something had changed. But he was still Mr. Tauren. He was still the same overprotective, strong man he had always been. He was just… a minotaur.

“Here,” Paul said. He handed over a ball of string. “I want to give this to you. It will always find me. No matter where I am, the string will lead you to me.”

“Why give it to me?”

“Because if I go missing, you will likely be the first to know it,” he said. “I have no family. I have no friends.”

“Oh, Paul, that’s terrible…”

“I travel too much. This is why I travel,” he said, gesturing to his minotaur body. “Any place I stay in for too long will turn into a labyrinth.”


“It is the burden of the minotaur. The first minotaur was cursed so that no one would ever be able to find him. The curse embodied itself in a force called labyrinthium, which minotaurs exude all the time. It causes geography, and reality itself, to alter. It turns any location into a maze. If I stayed here in Memphis long enough, the entire city would become a long, winding labyrinth, and the people here would be my guardians. That would take many years. It is a slow process. But it begins very quickly.”

“That’s terrible… You poor man…” She clutched his arm, shivering at the feel of his coarse bull fur.

They were both silent then for a moment as gunshots rang out somewhere. There were young black men running past the building, carrying what appeared to be one of their friends. A trio of police officers chased after them, guns drawn. A line of blood marked the trail they had followed.

“I am glad to be stuck here with a beautiful woman,” Paul said. His minotaur voice was even deeper than his normal voice. It boomed and resonated in the office. “I can think of no one I would rather spend the night here with.”

His words hung there for a brief second. Then Betsy giggled and blushed. She hadn’t expected him to say anything like that, especially in his giant minotaur form. It felt strange

He transformed back to his human shape, and she was annoyed to see that his clothes shapechanged with him, so he wasn’t naked. She blushed even more intensely.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean to be so forward. In minotaur form, I find it difficult to censor myself. Minotaurs are brutish by nature, after all.”

“So that’s how you really feel about me?”

He paused for a long time. “Yes. You are stunningly beautiful. If you weren’t my employee, I would have asked you out a long time ago.”

“Well, tonight we can’t go out, on account of the riot,” she said. “We have to stay in.” She made a kissy face, and he smiled at her. At first he didn’t kiss her, making Betsy wonder if she had done something to offend him.

But then he planted his lips on hers, and she kissed him back. She threw her hands around his broad, strapping shoulders. His muscles writhed beneath his suit.

Somehow they ended up naked. Betsy didn’t remember taking her clothes off, but it happened. All she noticed was Paul’s body above her own, his bull-like snorts and roars, his heavy breathing, his tender lips kissing every inch of her delicate frame.

When he entered her, Betsy was shocked at her own willingness to go all the way with him — she was not the kind of person to be sexually active with someone she didn’t really know well, especially not a coworker and, in this case, a boss. That was unthinkable to her, utterly unacceptable according to the rules she had set out for her own life.

But those rules were gone now. All she cared about was running her nails into the smooth skin of his back. She scratched at him as he sped up his motions, his manhood drilling deep into her with each thrust of his hips.

She rode him just as hard as he rode her. She wrapped her legs around his body and gripped his shoulders with his arms, until soon she was not even on the floor. She literally rode him as he stood up, supporting her in his powerful arms.

Betsy had never done anything like that. She had never had sex in an exotic position, but now she was on his body, humping with all her might as he passionately fucked. He easily supported her, while she continued to claw at his torso, feeling like she might fall no matter how tight a hold he kept on her.

At last her orgasm approached. Betsy could feel it gathering deep within her, reaching its crescendo bit by bit with each thrust of Paul inside her. She moaned. He grunted. His hands tightened around her, and she squealed like a calf in his arms.

Finally it was all over. Betsy let out a long, low sigh. She couldn’t believe this had happened. The sex was shocking enough, she thought, but this was with a minotaur. She didn’t know how to take that.

“Thank you, Betsy,” he said as he gently let her down to the ground.

She sighed and pulled away from him. She was dizzy at first, her knees weak. He steadied her, and they both collapsed onto the couch together.

“Oh, Paul…”

“I’m glad I told you what I am,” he said. “I… I need to have someone I can talk to about this.”

“You can talk to me about anything,” she said with a giggle. “After all, I’m your personal assistant. Let me assist you, personally.”

Str8 Till College: A Freshman Tradition

Here’s the entirety of Str8 Till College: A Freshman Tradition, a new story from the Str8 Till College series! It’s available as part of a great value megapack called The Gay College Stud Anthology!

Ethan nervously added his name to the slip of paper. He wasn’t sure he really wanted to, but he didn’t want to be the only one not doing it. He figured no one was likely to actually go through with it anyway.

There was a tradition here on the seventh floor of Mirtois Tower, a dormitory on the north side of the GHU campus in Lansing, Michigan. It was a rather unpleasant tradition in Ethan’s eyes, but he had agreed just the same so he wouldn’t be left out. He sighed as he put the slip of paper in the basket. His name sat there surrounded by the other freshmen on this floor.

Awright, loverboy! I hope I draw your ass!

Then he drew a name. He didn’t even look at it at first. It was too embarrassing. He just stuffed it in his pocket and beamed like everyone else, as though he had just won something.

Only when he scurried back to his dorm room did he peer at the piece of paper. It was Kurtis. Ethan blushed though no one was around to see it.

That slip of paper meant he was allowed to fuck Kurtis, one of his dormmates. The seventh floor of Mirtois Tower’s tradition was that, over the weekend before spring break, anyone who wanted to could put their name in a basket and pick a different name out. Whoever’s name you got, you were allowed to fuck, in the mouth or the ass — it had supposedly been tradition since the fifties.

It seemed silly to Ethan. He got horny sometimes, but he never really wanted to fuck a man no matter how horny he got. It just seemed gross, not a suitable substitute for an actual woman. He barely knew Kurtis, who had a girlfriend and had noisy sex with her on a seemingly nightly basis — it kept Ethan up sometimes — so he had no intention of going through with it.

He didn’t even know why he had written his name down, except that people had been making a big deal out of this tradition since September. He thought it was a joke at first, when the RA, Walter, mentioned it. But by the time spring break rolled around, he had realized that it was serious and that everybody in the dorm was going to do it. The only one who turned it down was Hector, a weird, nerdy devout Catholic and everyone knew he only said no because he was embarrassed of the tiny cock he had been trying to keep hidden all year.

The drawing of names was anticlimactic. After spending all week dreading this weekend, Ethan had his name — and someone had his name, though he tried not to think about that — and now it was just all over. He simply went back to his dorm and went to bed. Everyone else went out to one party or another, but Ethan was too shy and quiet to finagle an invitation.

He went to sleep. He couldn’t stop thinking about sex, but somehow he drifted off into a fitless sleep.

The door to his dorm slid open, and someone walked in. Ethan woke up suddenly, but he was confused at first. He didn’t realize what was happening.

“Yo, hey, hush up, relax,” came a familiar, deep voice.

“What? Who are you?”

“It’s Kurtis, man,” he said. Kurtis was a leanly muscled black man with a square jaw, a noble chin and a flat nose. He was an athlete and a starting player on the college basketball team, which was especially impressive since he was only a freshmen, and they rarely started on any team.

“Oh, hey.” Ethan was nervous. He knew he should have been angry with Kurtis for waltzing right into Ethan’s dormroom. He was nervous because Kurtis was the name on his slip of paper — Ethan had the “right” (or at least the traditional right) to demand a blowjob from Kurtis right now, or even anal sex. He had no intention of doing that, however.

“Yo, uh, so… You wanna fuck around on the downlow?” Kurtis asked. He grinned sheepishly in the dark.

“Uh… am I…?”

He held up his piece of paper. “Yeah. I got yo’ name, man,” he said.

Ethan chuckled nervously. “I got your name,” he said. He held up his own piece of paper.

“Well, shit, that’s convenient,” Kurtis said. He put his hands on his hips. He grabbed his dick through his basketball shorts. “You wanna like sixty-nine or somethin’?”

At the same moment he said that, Ethan said, “You wanna just not do it?” They both exchanged awkward glances at the realization that they were not on the same page. Kurtis clicked his tongue against his teeth.

“Come on, man, don’t be a squeamish prude,” he said.

“It’s kinda weird,” Ethan said. “Don’t pretend I’m strange cuz I don’t want to do it.”

“You didn’t have to do it! You didn’t have to write your name down! You could have just written down Mickey Mouse, and if you did, I’d be off in Disneyland getting laid right now!”

“I didn’t think anyone would take it seriously!” Ethan said, gulping nervously. He sat up in the dark. Now that he was thinking about Kurtis’ body, it loomed next to him. Kurtis wasn’t huge, but he seemed big in the dark.

“Come on, ain’t you horny?” Kurtis said. “I never see you with a girl.”

“I get horny sometimes, but I’m not a total hornball like you,” Ethan said.


“You’re fucking your girl every night!”

“That’s not a bad thing!” Kurtis scoffed. “And it ain’t true anyway! She dumped me last week.”


Kurtis nodded. “She left me for Greg Winthrop. You know him? He’s on the golf team. I lost a girl to some white guy who plays golf,” he said. “You know how embarrassing that is? I can’t show my face in the Black Students Union until I land some other white chick.” He laughed at himself.

“You know… you can be a real jerk sometimes. I’m not surprised she dumped you,” Ethan said.

“Oh come on, I’m sorry,” Kurtis said. “Just chill out. Don’t white guys ever fuck around on the downlow?”


“Why not?”

“It’s… gross, or whatever-“

“It ain’t gross, and that’s homophobic of you,” Kurtis said. He beamed like he was proud to have said something politically correct for once. He placed one hand on Ethan’s shoulder. It rested there, heavy and foreboding. It was all Ethan could think about for a moment.

“I’m not a homophobe.”

“Then fuck me,” Kurtis said. “Come on… You’ll feel better when it’s done-“

“Fine! Just stop being a jerk,” Ethan said. He shook his head. “You’re a real asshole sometimes.”

“But not all the time? Thank you, you have a higher opinion of me than most of the freshmen in this dorm! You wanna sixty-nine?” He was already taking his clothes off. He was still fully dressed, in basketball shorts and a tight t-shirt that showed off his muscles, because he had gone out to a party, but Ethan was wearing nothing but boxer shorts. He felt self-conscious next to Kurtis, whose basketball-toned body gleamed in the dim light of the dorm room.


“Come on, I’ll let you be on top,” he said. He laid on the narrow dorm bed, pushing Ethan over to make enough room.

That was the first time Ethan had been touched intimately by a man — Kurtis’ hands gripped his ass and shoved Ethan a few inches closer to the wall. That forced Ethan into a spooning position, his face wedged in next to Kurtis’ muscled shoulders.

“Okay, gimme your hand. I’ll walk you through this,” Kurtis said. “I ain’t know this was gonna be my role at college, tellin’ whiteboys how to fuck around on the downlow.” He laughed at himself as he guided Ethan’s hand over Kurtis’ body until it touched his spongy soft cock.

Ethan jerked and spasmed. He had never touched anyone’s dick besides his own. It was hot and throbbing in his hand. It felt huge, though he wasn’t sure it was actually bigger than his own, it just seemed strange to hold it in his hand.

He moved his hand, giving one awkward stroke. Kurtis laughed. “You gotta do better than that, man,” he said. “You would not last in my hood.”

“Is this part of growing up in the hood?”

Kurtis shrugged. “Basically, yeah,” he said. His own hand wrapped over Ethan’s dick. He laughed again, but more nervously this time. “Damn, whiteboy dicks feel weird.”

“Your dick feels weird.”

They both laughed together. Their cock were both completely soft. Ethan still didn’t know why anybody would do this willingly — who cared? It would have been more enjoyable to simply jack off.

“Alright, well, get on top of me,” Kurtis said. “Maybe we’ll be able to do it once we get started.”

Ethan grumbled as he crawled onto his hands and knees. He couldn’t believe he was really doing this. He just wanted to get it over with. His dick dangled as he straddled Kurtis’ head, hugging his ropy-muscled basketball-player body.

Kurtis’ dick lay in front of him like a dead animal. It smelled like soap and a little of sweat. Before Ethan could do anything, Kurtis swallowed his dick in one smooth motion, and Ethan let out a moan.

“Ah, shit…”

He had gotten blowjobs, but he had never felt anything like this. He threw his head back and had to suppress a scream. Kurtis’ mouth spread spit over Ethan’s shaft, which pulsated and throbbed like it was his first time getting hard.

Ethan slammed his head down because the pleasure was such a sudden shock and he couldn’t help it. But that placed his face and his mouth right next to Kurtis’ brown dick, which twitched. It was close enough that Ethan felt the heat radiating off it.

Kurtis grumbled — he was annoyed that Ethan wasn’t sucking him back just yet. His mouth was full, but he lightly slapped Ethan’s ass with one hand, while his other hand thwacked his dick over Ethan’s face.

Ethan opened his mouth and closed his eyes. It was already dark in the dorm room, so he didn’t really need to close his eyes, but he did it anyway. He let Kurtis’ cock slide into his mouth.

And, much to his surprise, it wasn’t unpleasant at all. He didn’t mind the taste, which was clean and a bit musky. He didn’t move at first, just letting it sit in his mouth.

Then his tongue moved as though of its own accord. It licked at Kurtis’ cockshaft, which twitched again.

And then, like a switch had been pressed, Ethan realized that they were sixty-nining. He was doing it. After all his anxiety over this tradition, here he was doing it, and it wasn’t really that bad.


His dick pounded into full erection, and rather than resting in Kurtis’ mouth, Ethan found himself in constant motion. He humped his hips up and down, working his dick in so deep Kurtis’ throat squeezed around it as he choked. Ethan choked as well, on Kurtis’ own cock sliding into his gullet.

Surprised pleasure shot up Ethan’s spine. He had never felt anything quite like this, and he was shocked by how much he enjoyed himself. Kurtis’ cock tasted surprisingly similar to pussy, he thought. Maybe that was why he loved it.

Yo, nigga, wake up! Get the fuck up!

Was a fight about to break out? It sounded like there was someone angry out in the dorm, but not outside Ethan’s door.

Kurtis tapped on his ass until Ethan rolled over. Kurtis hopped to the door to Ethan’s dorm and peered through the peephole, angling his head the best he could to see down the hall. His dick stood out straight, its silhouette making it seem gargantuan in the shadowy dorm room.

Wake up, Kurtis! We gonna put yo’ money where yo’ mouth is!

Hey, baby!

Kurtis slid the door open just slightly, enough for his head to poke out. “Yo.” His deep voice echoed in the dorm hallway.

The guys at Kurtis’ own dorm-room door came down to Ethan’s. Ethan caught a glimpse of them — three young black men, in jerseys and sneakers, carrying a basketball as though they were on their way to a game, even though it was past midnight.

Hey, nigga, we gonna play. We gonna settle this, and we even got a reward for the winner.

Hell yeah!

Hey, baby…

That last voice was feminine, a low and sultry woman. Ethan couldn’t see her, but she sounded beautiful. He was still erect, so he still thought about sex, and when he heard her voice, his knees went weak. He clutched at Kurtis’ muscled chest for support, and his hard cock pressed into Kurtis’ thigh. That was what he needed to get excited about this, a girl. Already Ethan was imagining her naked body, despite the fact that he hadn’t even seen her with clothes on yet.

Kurtis apparently didn’t notice Ethan’s dick touching his leg, or Ethan’s hands now resting on his muscled back. “Not interested, nigga,” he said.

Yo, what?! After all that trash-talkin’ you was doing?

We ain’t even tell him what the prize is.

Oh, yeah, you get to fuck this bitch.

The girl giggled then, and she murmured something Ethan didn’t catch. Ethan’s heart skipped a beat at the thought of fucking her — he couldn’t see her, so in his mind, she was the most beautiful woman he could imagine.


Man, whatchoo doin’ in here anyway? Who’s room is this?

“I, uh… I’m fuckin’ a female, man. We havin’ a little threeway in here.”

This is a men’s dorm. You havin’ a threeway wit’ another nigga?

“Ain’t another nigga, man. Just get out,” Kurtis said. He started to shut the door, but the other men grunted and mean-mugged at him. He stopped. They glared at each other, and the girl pouted by herself.

Ethan was close enough he could feel Kurtis’ muscles tighten as a fight almost broke out. Kurtis was stark-naked, his big brown cock throbbing, a few drops of precum still clinging to his shaft.

Finally Kurtis just shut the door as he mumbled, “Go fuck yo’selves, niggas.” He made sure to lock it, then watched through the doorway as they walked away. The sound of that basketball dribbling on the floor was impossibly loud, booming like a freight train. It stopped only when they reached the elevator.

“Alright, let’s do this,” Kurtis said. “Let’s trade anal, man. I just gave up a girl to finish this-“

“Yeah, why’d you do that?”

“Cuz I ain’t wanna walk outta there from here, they’d have found out what we was doing.“

“You said it was normal ‘in the hood’. You said it was okay-“

“Yeah, it’s normal to do it and never admit it. That’s how it works,” Kurtis said. “You gonna do this or not?”

Ethan sighed. He would have thought he’d never in a million years agree to trade anal sex — that just seemed like a step too far. But he couldn’t help but think that since the blowjob had turned out to be much better than he expected, maybe he’d enjoy anal sex after all as well.

“Reacharound rules?” He asked.

“Uh… what?”

“Do you want to do reacharound rules?” He sighed dramatically, erect cock twitching, as though everybody knew what this was. “It just means that we play Paper-Rock-Scissors to see who gets to fuck first. When you fuck, you gotta give a reacharound. If the guy you’re fucking blows his load before you’re done, you don’t gotta give up the booty.”

“Oh. I guess that’s fair.”

“Course it’s fair,” he said. “If I go first, my dick is gonna make you feel so good. I got a magic dick, man. Ask any girl I been with.” He licked his lips and grinned like a cocky jerk. Ethan was flush with self-pity — he had never felt confident he was good in bed.


Then they played Paper-Rock-Scissors. Ethan, as he always did, picked Rock. When he saw that Kurtis had picked Paper, he wanted to cry.

But at the same time, he didn’t, because a part of Ethan did want to find out what it was like to get fucked. He had enjoyed sucking dick, after all, so he hoped he would enjoy being fucked just the same.

“Hell, yeah!” Kurtis exclaimed. “Fuck! Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. I got lube.” He withdrew a tube of lubricant from his jeans that were crumpled on the floor. He squeezed some onto his cock and lightly slapped Ethan on the ass. “I been lookin’ at that ass since September, man.”

“Really? That’s fuckin’ nasty-“

“Well, ain’t my fault whiteboys is too stupid to fuck around on the downlow. Ass is ass. Ain’t no difference between a male ass and a female ass, ‘cept males don’t got tits or a pussy on the other side. Females are more difficult too,” he said with a laugh. “They don’t ever wanna have sex just cuz they’re horny. You gotta convince ‘em.” He wedged his dick between Ethan’s cheeks.

Ethan took a deep breath and bent over. He was excited about this but tried to hide it, both because he didn’t want to look gay and because it seemed Kurtis expected it. Kurtis clucked his tongue against his teeth supportively and he patted Ethan’s asscheeks.

“You seriously got a nice ass, man,” Kurtis said. “Nice and smooth. Plump. Fuckin’ hot. If you was my cellmate, I’d eat yo’ ass with a spoon.”

Before Ethan could say anything back, he felt a surge of agony like he was being torn apart. That lasted for only a half a second though, and then the lube made it easier for Kurtis’ dick to slip through.

It was awkward and alien at first, like he was being invaded, but the longer it went on, the calmer Ethan got. His ass relaxed, and soon waves of pleasure emanated from his prostate.

“Yeah, I feel ya twitchin’,” Kurtis said. He smiled like a cocky bastard. “See? I told you, I gots a magic dick. That’s why the females love me.” He groaned as one of his hands reached around Ethan’s body and wrapped over his dick. “I don’t like this part. I mean… Yo’ dick ain’t bad, but…”

“Can you stop talking?” Ethan said through gritted teeth. It felt good but the pressure was still intense and overwhelming.

It continued that way as Kurtis began to hump his dick back and forth. It hurt every few seconds, but Ethan was more focused on the pangs of pleasure running up his spine. They were few and far between compared to the shivers of pain, but they were still there, and they were stronger, more important, and just plain bigger in Ethan’s mind.

The more he got fucked, the more he liked it. His prostate tingled with every thrust of Kurtis’ dick into it — Ethan had to admit it did feel magical. It felt like a magic wand ramming into him, spraying awe-striking bliss throughout this body.

His muscles tensed, and his fingers tightened into claws. He was bent over his own bunk, so his fingernails clawed at his mattress, pulling on the sheets and blankets and knocking the pillows onto the floor.

“Yeah, man, take that shit, damn… Yo’ ass don’t quit!”

Kurtis’ basketball-toned body writhed behind Ethan’s back, his muscles tensing and flexing as he fucked. His dick fit perfectly inside him as though it had been constructed just to tease Ethan’s prostate, which it did each time it thrust into his ass.

Finally Ethan felt an orgasm overwhelm him. It was so intense he didn’t even realize at first that he was cumming first — that meant Kurtis had “won” and Ethan wouldn’t get to be on top next. That wasn’t disappointing though, even if a part of Ethan thought it should be.

Cum sprayed over his bunk and onto Kurtis’ fingers. It was a thick and copious load, with a strong smell that filled up the dorm room with its billowing, cottony scent.

“Hell yeah, told ya!” Kurtis said with a long, low grunt. He yelped right into Ethan’s ear, making Ethan shudder and clench onto the cock in his ass as his orgasm finally dwindled. Aftershocks continued with each wave of sensation deep inside him, and his cock throbbed beneath Kurtis’ fingers. Kurtis grunted. “Here I go, man…”

Cum coated his insides, great gobs of it spreading within him. It felt like a bigger load than his own, but Ethan wasn’t sure if that was real or an illusion. He moaned, and Kurtis groaned, gripping Ethan’s back firmly as pleasure rolled over his tight, toned muscles.

It washed over his insides. Ethan had to bite his lip to stifle a moan, which he thought would be audible next-door. He writhed beneath Kurtis’ body as his ass filled up with wad after wad of creamy-white cum.

Finally Kurtis was done. He didn’t pull out right away though. He paused and remained in position, resting while his cock throbbed in Ethan’s ass like it meant to stay there all night. Cum trickled throughout Ethan’s body, and it dripped out and down his thighs.

Only when Ethan thought he couldn’t handle the intensity anymore did Kurtis pull out. They both sighed, and Ethan collapsed onto his bunk on his belly.

“Hey, thanks,” Kurtis said. He stood up. He nervously bit his lip. “Hey, uh, if anyone asks… especially if any black folk ask, you, uh, you tell them that we was in here having a threesome, okay? Some girl who don’t go to school here. Say you don’t wanna tell who cuz she’s a local.”

“Oh. Okay.” Ethan was breathless.

“I’ll back you up,” Kurtis said. He paused and put his clothes on. “Thanks again.”

“Yeah, sure. Thank you,” Ethan said though he wasn’t quite sure what he was thanking Kurtis for. He breathed a sigh of relief when Kurtis finally walked out and the door swung shut behind him.

Ethan was glad that it was over, but even more than that, he was glad he had done it in the first place.

Fireman Fantasy

Here’s a sample from the beginning of Fireman Fantasy, a hot new story of hetero alpha firefighter action by Ellen J. Gantos! It’s also available as part of the great value bundle Hetero Alpha Male Erotica, Vol. 1!


There I was sitting alone again and wondering what I was doing as they came into the bar, every Thursday at 5 o’clock and it was time for me to pay attention.  There were five of them.  All very muscled men and they were also firefighters.  They worked the local fire station, and I would always obsess over them as I drank my drinks alone at the bar, tonight was no different.  They came in, laughing, perfect smiles on their face, wearing their fire station T-shirts showing off their muscles.  I would sit there sipping beer, watching them hoping that they would notice me hoping that they would come over and say just one word to me.

As usual, they didn’t notice me.  They were all the way across the bar sitting together, laughing and joking I would get so turned on when one of them hands another a beer with his muscles flexing

I went home a few beers later all alone, layed in my bed.  I pulled out my vibe and fire fireghtor magazine and began to masturbate.  I rubbed myself hard until I reached the first climax.  I did it again thinking about the guys at the bar and about how I wished that one of them would take notice of me.  After I finished masturbating I went to sleep semi-fulfilled.

The next morning I woke up and I brushed my teeth, did my make up, went to work. On our lunch break I went down to the local grocery store and bought some Subway sandwich inside the store while in line I noticed behind me a man.  I didn’t look back is a very shy woman, but when the server came over and gentleman what he would like on sale which I recognized his voice.  He was one of the guys from the bar.  He was one of the firefighters so much as well.  I smiled back.  Huge smile smile like you’ve never seen before that give him up and down with my eyes visualizing naked.  I fantasized about what I would do to him could see me biting my lip.  He knew what was going on

“Hello there Miss” he said, smiling at me

“Hi there” I said weakly.

“I see you like the veggie delight.”

“Yes I try to stay healthy and the other veggies in my diet.  However, sometimes I go for a sausage.”

“A sausage?  You are an awfully tiny woman to enjoy sausage,” he said flirtatiously.

“Yes I do like a good sausage every once in a while things spicy”

“Well, I happen to get the spicy sausage sub today.  Anyways, what are the you up to later tonight. ”

“Oh, you know, the usual… Nothing…”

“Well if you aren’t doing anything.  I love to take you and give you a tour of the fire station.”

“The fire station?”

“Yes, the fire station.  It’s where I work.”

Rough Trade: The Plumber, Plenty of Poundage and One Pulsating Pole

Here’s the entirety of Rough Trade: The Plumber, Plenty of Poundage and One Pulsating Pole, a hardcore tale of blue-collar action! It’s available for a great low price with five more stories — plus bonus material — in Gay Blue-Collar Erotica, Vol. 1!

Rob had never seen a sexy plumber — they were always fat and gross in his experience — so when Dino showed up, his knees went weak. Rob stood there at the front door, quaking like a child.

That’s because Dino was a tall, broad-shouldered man, with swarthy skin betraying his Greek origin, though his accent was almost undetectable. He had a dense mop of curly black hair that extended in an unruly mess all the way to his shoulders. He wore a tight wifebeater, and a thick layer of curly black hair extruded from beneath it.

He had a surly look about him. A lot of people would have seen him as rude — quite accurately — but Rob didn’t care. He was so hot Rob was too nervous to stand there and watch as he fixed the sink.

It was a simple job, and it only took a few hours. Rob went away to surf the web, forcing himself not to watch porn even though he kept getting hard thinking about Dino there under the sink.

“What?” Dino’s angry voice spat out. It was deep and resonant.

Rob was flush with fear. Had he angered Dino? He wasn’t even in the same room. He cautiously crept into the kitchen.

“I told you about that.” Dino said. His fingers gripped the cell phone tight as he held it to his ear. His nostrils flared. His shoulder muscles rippled beneath the wifebeater that was now sweaty and marked with grease. “I told you- Baby, look, I said I’d pay for it, right? So- so just fuckin’ wait for it! Don’t tell me not to curse at you, you’ve been cursing at me since the moment I answered the phone! Well fuck you, I told you about that and you dumped me so it’s none of your business you fat stupid cow!”

He hung up the phone and nearly slammed it on the counter, but stopped himself at the last minute. He roared and shadowboxed the air, his face ruddy and his hands tightened into fists.

“Sorry about that,” he said. “That was my bitch ex-wife. She’s such a fucking whore. You know she’s makin’ me pay for my daughter’s makeup? I don’t even think she should be wearing makeup yet, she’s only thirteen. I said no. I threw it all away into the garbage. But I don’t get a say, I just have to pay for it.” His face was red and he paced in Rob’s tiny kitchen. He stopped and looked at Rob. “Sorry. She’s just… She’s being a bitch. Wants me to cough up two hundred bucks out of the blue. Like I’m fuckin’ made of money.”

“I know how you can make two hundred bucks,” Rob said with a flirtatious grin, which he hoped looked nonchalant. “And if you do it the way I tell you, I’ll give you five hundred.”

He cocked his head to the side. “What?”

“I’ll give you a hint,” Rob said. He blushed and grabbed for the loose waistband of Dino’s jeans. He tickled the rim of his boxers, and Dino’s eyes opened wide. His muscles all tensed. “It’s long, I’m pretty sure, and thick, and it’s probably a light brown, and I’ll make it feel very good-“

“You, uh…” Dino paused, unsure if he should take a guess at what Rob was trying to say. If Dino guessed wrong and Rob complained, he would get in a lot of trouble. But Dino couldn’t think of anything Rob might be referring to other than sex. “So you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes. Exactly. I want you to fuck me, and I want you to fuck me raw, and I want you to fuck me hard. I’ll make you forget that bitch ex-wife,” Rob said. “I just want you to help me embarrass my own embarrassing former family. My dad. He’s disowned me, I like to call him sometimes and let some guy he’d hate make it clear he’s made me his bitch.”

Dino blushed and laughed nervously. He covered his mouth with his face. He grabbed his crotch with his other hand. “Let’s, uh, be clear,” he said. His eyes flashed menacingly. “I ain’t gonna touch your dick. You don’t get up in my ass or nothing. I will rip yo’ face off if you even think about it.”

“No, no, nothing like that. I’ll suck your dick. You fuck me in the ass. You make a lotta noise when I call my dad,” Rob said. “That’s all. I’m a bottom, I’ve got no interest in fucking you.”

Dino paused. He caressed his own chest, his muscles rippling as he looked away from Rob — he found eye contact very intense and uncomfortable right now. He sighed like he was going to say yes, but then he stopped and reconsidered. He opened his mouth. He laughed again. “Aw, fuck, it’s for my daughter…”

“A noble cause,” Rob said. He gently touched Dino’s meaty but flat belly, through his wifebeater. Then he pushed one of his fingers beneath the fabric, tracing a trail through the sweaty hair there.

“You, uh, want me to take a shower first?” He asked. He raised one arm and sniffed at the pit. “I stink-“

“No!” Rob blushed and rammed his head into Dino’s hairy armpit. He suckled on the coarse, sweat-slickened hairs there, which made Dino chuckle. Normally Dino was ticklish there, but he was too shocked to react that way. He was used to people treating his sweaty, hairy body as gross — as impressive, given his muscles, but still foul-smelling and unpleasant no matter how much he washed. Dino was used to it by now, so he found it weird and off-putting to have someone actually worshiping every inch of his raunchy flesh.

“Damn, you are one nasty dude,” Dino said.

Rob sucked on the flesh of Dino’s chest. He licked over Dino’s hairy pecs, lapping at the kinky hairs and sucking up all the sweat. Dino’s muscles rippled as he tensed up. He had never had a girl who was really, genuinely into his muscles and hairy body — they occasionally thought he was hot, but they would have preferred he was smaller and smoother.

But Dino couldn’t do anything about that. He had been beat up too much as a kid to be willing to slim down, and anyway he was just a big boy by nature. He put on muscle-weight easily, so he worked out a lot. At first he had only worked out because he wanted to look good for when he picked up chicks. He had simply overshot his goal, and he refused to change his trajectory, so he just kept getting bigger and bigger, and less and less appealing to women.

As Rob sunk to the ground, Dino groaned. He closed his eyes. He couldn’t believe he was really doing this. Am I a prostitute? No, he thought, this doesn’t count. It would count if I sought out a gay man to fuck for money. This is just… making a little cash on the side. From sex. Can I call myself a gigolo? Could I pretend this guy was a girl and tell everyone I had a female pay me for money?

He felt self-conscious and vulnerable when Rob undid his belt and dropped them. His cock and balls dangled. His dick had never been so limp, and he wasn’t even sure he’d be able to get hard. Finally he had the bright idea to bring up some porn on his cell phone.

Rob saw Dino take out his phone and mumble to himself as he looked up some more porn. Rob didn’t mind. He inhaled deeply of Dino’s musk, then swallowed his dick to the root. It was limp and soft, but as soon as it touched Rob’s tongue, it twitched.

It pulsated in Rob’s mouth. He could tell when Dino found a video he was really into because his dick jumped and hardened. It went from soft to hard in seconds, and Dino groaned overhead.

As the sour taste of precum overwhelmed Rob, he gurgled merrily. Dino tasted salty and sweet, and a little like seawater — his precum tasted like Rob imagined seawater did on a remote Greek island; it tasted sunny and warm and savory, and it made Rob’s mouth water. He licked and lapped at that throbbing cock, while giggling at how it made Dino twist and writhe as though it hurt.

Really though Dino just contorted because it felt so good. His knees were weak. His body was overcome by pleasure wafting over him in waves. He wanted to grab ahold of Rob’s head and facefuck him like a slut. Dino rarely got the chance to orally copulate with someone like that — mostly girls thought his body hair was gross enough that any kind of contact was a favor. His ex-wife had made him lick her pussy without ever sucking his dick, and then when he complained, she called him a misogynist.

He was watching porn, so when a call came, it bounced him off the website and those beautiful blonde lesbians disappeared. He was angered, especially when he saw that it was his ex-wife again.

“Fuckin’ bitch,” he murmured to himself. He answered the phone. “What?”

You are such an asshole, Dino! You never told me about that slutty bitch at the club. It’s just like Tampa all over again-

“It is not, you stupid cunt!” Dino screamed. “I did tell you about her, and I ain’t fuck her, and we ain’t together so it wouldn’t be any of yo’ business if I did! I don’t gotta tell you ‘bout this shit!”

If you ever want to see your daughter, I have to be convinced you have a healthy living environment, Dino. You can’t be getting drunk with sluts.

“I don’t do that when I have Lisa! You are one miserable bitch of a cock-sucking whore! How’s that accountant’s dick taste, huh?”

Dino! I can’t deal with you when you’re like this. I oughta send my brother over there-

“Go ahead, I’ll kick his ass again,” Dino said. “I’m kinda busy right now, I got a girl over.”

You’re not at work?

“She was one of my clients. She came over to suck my dick,” Dino said.

Yeah, right. You’re a pussy, Dino. And you’re a hairy fuck.

Dino whispered, “make some sounds like a girl.” Then he put the phone next to Rob’s mouth. Rob blushed but did as he was told. As he sucked, he made loud gurgling sounds, taking care to ensure his voice was as feminine as could be.

Ew, god, Dino, did you just put the phone near your cock? That sounded disgusting. You’re disgusting. She sounds like a total slut. And she sounds fat.

“You’re disgusting, you stupid bitch,” Dino said. “I gotta go. I got my dick in a girl who’s worth a damn.” He hung up, glad he had gotten the final word for once. That rarely happened.

His dick throbbed in Rob’s mouth. Now that Dino had gotten more comfortable with it, he went ahead and facefucked him. He wrapped his meaty palms around the back of Rob’s head. Rob paused to situate himself at the perfect angle to deep-throat Dino, who began grinding his dick into Rob’s gullet.

Dino groaned and threw his head back as he felt the earliest tingling of his orgasm. He went slow, not wanting to blow his load so soon. He ground his dick into Rob’s throat, which spasmed and struggled to accept every inch of his load.

Dino had been raised Greek Orthodox, so he was overcome with guilt as he fucked — not enough to stop, but enough that he promised himself he’d see his priest as soon as he could. He really ought to start going to church, not just for this, but also because his ex could try to get him in legal trouble, and a history of going to church would look good in court.

But mainly, he wanted assurance that he wasn’t in trouble with God for doing this. Now that he had gotten started, it really didn’t feel like prostitution. It didn’t seem like it should be sinful. He was just sticking his dick down a welcome, warm, wet hole — what could be sinful about that?

Besides, he had been fucking females outside of wedlock. That wasn’t any worse, was it? Not technically speaking, he thought. But there was still a twinge of guilt in his chest. Nothing that felt this good could possibly be allowed by the Bible, he decided.

When Rob gave him his phone, Dino was nervous. He didn’t know what to say to Rob’s father, and he was so overwhelmed by the pleasure snaking through his body that he didn’t know if he could come up with anything to say. But Rob was insistent.

“Yo. Hey, Mr. Winthrop?”

Yes. Who, may I ask, is calling?

“Yo, uh, this is Dino. I just wanted to say thanks, for makin’ your son. He got a nice tight throat and my dick fits perfectly down it.”

A loud sigh came from the phone. Am I on speaker-phone? Robert, this is truly immature behavior.

“His mouth is full, sir, full of my dick. He looks good wit’ dick in his throat,” Dino said. “You wanna listen as I stick ‘im? I’m gonna fuck him in the ass now.”

He grabbed Rob by the hips, and pulled him off. His dick was cold and alone, begging for attention — Rob tried to stroke it a little as he got in position, but Dino kept moving, making it impossible to jack him off as they arranged themselves for hardcore fucking.

Rob dropped his pants and bent over on all fours. He put the phone on the ground in front of his face, so his father could hear everything that happened.

“Hey, Dad! I’m just using my inheritance,” Rob said. “I paid Dino five hundred dollars to fuck me.”

Robert… You shame me.

“I know, but you deserve it,” Rob said. He threw his head back and moaned as Dino slipped into him. There was an intense, uncontrollable pressure. He moaned again, as loud as he could, a powerful, cringing sound that resonated in the kitchen. Rob’s father groaned in disgust.

You don’t need to call me for this.

“I absolutely do!” Rob said. His voice broke as a twinge of pleasure erupted in his prostate. He pushed his ass back, squeezing every inch of Dino’s dick into him.

Now that he had started fucking, Dino was less nervous. He was surprised by how easy this really was — Rob’s ass felt exactly like a girl’s ass. It helped that Rob was such a feminine man, with a bubble-butt that was smooth, clean and unblemished, not to mention tight. It was easily the best ass he had ever fucked, though when Dino told his friends about this later, he said that Rob’s ass was “sloppy and weak”.

“Yo’ son is a slut, Mr. Winthrop!” Dino called out. He cackled. “That’s my dick in his ass!”

Really, son, you are disgusting. I’m hanging up now. And then he did so.

Rob was disappointed, but he wasn’t surprised. Dad always hung up once the noise started getting really passionate; Rob liked to imagine that he sobbed once he hung up the phone, but he didn’t know if that was true or not. Rob reached behind himself to spread his asscheeks, giving Dino more access to his asshole.

With a loud roar, Dino slapped Rob’s asscheek. He held onto it tightly as he humped. When he had gotten started, Dino didn’t want to touch any more of Rob than he absolutely had to. He was worried he’d feel some body hair and remember he was fucking a man. He’d be humiliated if his dick went soft mid-fuck.

But now that he was into it, he wasn’t worried about that all. Rob’s ass felt exactly like a girl’s, and he was so smooth he put most girls to shame. Dino gripped his ass and slammed his dick all the way in.

“Take it, slut, god-damn!”

Once he was more comfortable with it, he knew what position he wanted — no girl ever let him do it for more than a few seconds because they said he was too heavy and hairy. But Dino had long wanted to do it laying on his partner’s back.

So that was what he did. He rammed his dick until it was all the way in, and he wrapped one forearm in front of Rob’s mouth. He sighed and moaned directly into the back of Rob’s head. His sweaty, hairy chest plopped down on Rob’s back.

Rob was entirely pinned. He couldn’t even squirm with Dino’s heavy body pressing down on his back. He couldn’t breathe either, both because of the mass of Greek muscle atop his back and because he was too overcome by passion to take a breath.

“Hell, yeah, slut…”

Dino rotated his hips, moving his dick in a wide circle within Rob’s ass. He hit every corner of Rob’s insides, his cock aiming into every part of Rob’s guts. He could even tell — as disgusting as it was — when his dick touched Rob’s prostate because it made Rob writhe beneath his body. He couldn’t move much, but Dino could feel his body struggle to squirm.

Finally Dino felt his orgasm coming on strong. Rob had stopped breathing, the pressure in his ass so intense he couldn’t even gasp. Dino snorted like a hog, the sound of his rutting filling the air and echoing in Rob’s ears.

“Here I go, baby, gonna fill you up, I love you so much, sweetheart-“ Dino stopped and blushed because he remembered he wasn’t talking to a female. Luckily Rob either didn’t hear his words or didn’t take them seriously.

A wad of hot cum sprayed into Rob’s ass. Dino groaned loudly, his deep voice resonant and rough like sandpaper. His cum was hot and creamy, and it seeped into Rob’s flesh. Rob moaned as he shot his own load onto the floor and into his hand. Dino wrinkled his nose in disgust — he hadn’t known Rob was pleasuring himself — but he didn’t stop Rob even if it seemed disrespectful; Dino had been raised to believe a real man commanded respect, especially through his fucking, and he didn’t let his bitch distract him.

But this was too potent an orgasm to do anything while it still coursed through his veins. Dino’s hands curled into claws, then tightened into fists. He smacked Rob, not outright punching him of course, but hitting him in an affectionate way — or at least he saw it as affectionate; Rob saw it as bullying, but he was so aroused by it so he didn’t complain — harder than he would have ever hit a girl. It was nice, Dino thought, to fuck a man because he knew Rob would never complain that he was too rough. Girls act like they’re made of glass and could shatter if you handle them harshly, Dino thought as he drained his balls into Rob’s asshole.

He burped and laughed. Any girl would have kicked him out of bed for burping in their face, but Rob inhaled deeply of it and moaned. Dino screwed his nose up in disgust. His cock slowly limpened, but he remained in position, deep in Rob’s ass, his heavy body pressing down on Rob’s back.

“You ain’t gonna stiff me, is you?” Dino asked. It hadn’t occurred to him before now that Rob could just refuse to pay him, and Dino would have no recourse.

“No. I won’t. I’ve got cash in my wallet,” Rob said, his voice strained and clipped.

Dino nodded and moved to get up. When he did, his dick swam through the sea of cum that gurgled within Rob’s ass. He could feel the sticky fluid clinging to his soft cockflesh.

“Wait,” Rob said. “Can you stay there for a moment? I like feeling you inside me.”

“Fine,” Dino said with a grunt. It now felt pretty gross — this was more what he had imagined it would feel like before he started. He was intimately aware with every passing moment that he was inside a man’s ass; there was no way to pretend he was with a woman, not now. He reached out and grabbed Rob’s pants. “In here?”

“Yeah.” Rob’s voice was weak and wavery.

Dino pulled out the wallet. He briefly considered stealing Rob’s credit cards, but he figured someone as wealthy as Rob probably had excellent security on the cards, and Dino didn’t want to get in any legal trouble or he might lose the right to see his daughter at all.

He pulled out the cash — there was six hundred dollars in there. He took it all, though he had only been promised five hundred dollars. Was this stealing? He didn’t want to be a thief.

“I’m taking six hundred dollars. The extra hundred bucks is for the performance I put on for your daddy,” Dino said. “And you still gotta pay for the sink too.”

Shower Trade: The Green Barn

Here’s the entirety of Shower Trade: The Green Barn, a new story by Bubba Marshall! If you like gay erotica about rednecks, you’ll like the bundle Gay Redneck Erotica, Vol. 2 , which features this story and five more like it!

Roger felt like his body was falling apart. He had gotten a job as a farmworker in the summer of 1951, just to make a little money before he headed off to college at Goldendale Hills University. Luckily he came from a rural part of eastern Mississippi were the soil was poor, which meant there was not enough demand for farmwork to attract very many of the braceros who did most of that labor outside of Mississippi. That was the only reason he and his friends had managed to get a job picking strawberries at all.

It sounded like dainty women’s work. A part of Roger knew that it wasn’t, that just because little girls loved strawberries didn’t mean little girls were capable of picking them. A part of him wanted it to be a difficult job — he had always been pudgy, and he thought a summer of hard work might help him lose the weight. He had a wrestling scholarship to Goldendale Hills University, so he needed to get in shape. He thought a summer job working hard in the fields would be a great way to get himself ready for training in the fall.

But he had no idea how arduous it would be. By the end of his first day, he was dripping with sweat. The hot Mississippi sun pounded on him like a fist, like he could really feel its rays smacking into him. It was windy, but that didn’t help, it just blew more waves of buffeting heat and humid air all over him. His shirt and his pants were caked onto his skin, like he might not ever be able to undress. His socks were soaked in sweat, which also dripped off his brow in rivulets.

He stumbled at the end of the day, unable to even walk normally. He staggered through the fields with the other workers, who talked and laughed like they did this every day — of course, they did do this every day. They were just as sweaty as Roger, but they were better able to tolerate it.

“Yee-haw! I’m going out to the bar once the old lady passes out, who’s with me?! I am gonna get sinful with whichever bar wench looks at me first!”

“It’ll be Suzie-“

“Any bar wench except Suzie!” They all laughed as though this was a hilarious joke, but Roger had the feeling they made this same joke every day. A couple of the men grabbed their crotches, outlining their cocks in the denim of their jeans, and spat on the ground — Roger didn’t know if they were expressing scorn towards Suzie or suggesting that they would, in fact, fornicate with her despite her being unappealing. He suspected it was both. He blushed. His father had always taught him that speaking ill of women, grabbing one’s lower regions, carrying-on and spitting in public were all markers of poor character. But Roger was too shy to say anything to the other workers; he wanted to be accepted just like the others, so he just nodded and went along with it. He was too tired to tell them they were committing serious sins anyway.

There were two barns that the workers split up to go to after their shift was done. There was a red barn at the north edge of the farm, in which the vast majority of the workers went to shower. Roger suspected there would be a line there. There couldn’t possibly be enough showerheads for everyone at once, and Roger didn’t want to wait.

So he decided to go to the green barn, which was a little further away, along the northeastern edge of the farm, away from the road and away from the main farmhouse. That, he thought, must be why the workers had mostly gone to the red barn, because it was closer and larger and newer. The green barn was distant, small, old-fashioned, ramshackle and it smelled permanently of goats.

It was just a small barn that had been rigged with running water for a big group shower. It wasn’t even an actual shower — the red barn had real showerheads in individual stalls, but not the green barn — it was just a powerful hose suspended over the barn floor and possessing many small holes aimed in every direction. It sprayed lukewarm water. There was a little changing area with some slabs of wood to use as benches, and next to it was a shelf lined with ratty thin towels and bars of white, unscented soap.

The green barn was primitive, but it was exactly what Roger wanted in the heat of the moment. He didn’t want hot water — he would have been happy with ice-cold water if that was an option. He didn’t want to choose a spot to shower in or wait for his preferred stall, which is what he would be doing back at the red barn. He’d have to sit there crowded by naked, hairy men older than he was, their bodies brushing against him and everyone having plenty of opportunity to see Roger’s dick. He would feel vulnerable there, not that he really felt safe and comfortable here either.

“New guy’s horny, huh?” someone shouted when they realized Roger was here. The other workers laughed.

Roger smiled. What did that mean? He wasn’t especially horny. He was too tired right now. He didn’t like ribald talk. His father taught him not to act that way. But he knew most of the men here had been in the Army until very recently, fighting in the Pacific and in Europe — they had learned rudeness and crudity there, or so Roger’s father sermonized over and over. Roger respected their service and was intimidated by their machismo; he was just a bit too young to have ever served, and he was raised as a pacifist anyway. He just hoped none of these men ever found out how easily-intimidated he was.

“Green barn! The green barn!” They were shouting, at each other and at Roger, who had no idea what was happening or why they were so excited. Obviously there was some special significance to the green barn, something Roger didn’t know. He pretended to be just like the others, and he nodded along as though he knew why the green barn was important.

He felt small and weak in comparison to the other workers. He was the youngest by far — most of the other young men went to the red barn, it seemed. The men here were rough and tumble types, would-be cowboys and brawny bikers, men who looked like they struggled to come in to work sober every day. Now that they were getting naked, Roger could see their muscles and the military tattoos they had, reminding him yet again that he was youthful, pitiful and frightened. Some of them even had naval-type tattoos. Roger’s father said that tattoos were a sin, and that sailors were not trustworthy. Roger felt a twinge of fear as he steeled his nerves.

“Why did everybody else go to the red barn?” Roger asked Brad Hixton.

Brad was the nicest person in the green barn, at least out of the folks Roger had met so far. He was tall, broad-shouldered, easy-grinned, with a confederate flag tattoo over his heart. He had a thick mop of blond hair that was soaked with sweat even before he got under the spray of the water. Brad guffawed at Roger’s question, attracting attention from the other workers.

“Hey, this guy ain’t know about the green barn!” Brad called out. The others laughed along with him.


Brad placed one hand on Roger’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. You can still go to the red barn. Normally we don’t make it easy to change your mind, but we know you’re new. I’ll make sure the others let you go, if you can’t handle the green barn,” he said. “You see… The green barn is for men who want to… Well, it’s for men of loose morals.”

“… What?”

Brad laughed again, and the other workers who were within earshot laughed too. Roger blushed. He was down to his underwear, but most of the others were naked now, including Brad, whose massive cock put Roger to shame. It swung between his legs like a pendulum. Roger found it very distracting, which made it hard to focus on understanding Brad’s words.

“We trade sex,” Brad said with a wide grin. “Sodomy. We trade, uh… womanly acts.” He raised his hand to get attention from the other workers, who filed their hairy, sweaty, tattooed bodies into the shower. Brad addressed them. “Hey, the new guy didn’t know about the barns, guys. Let him leave, okay?”

“Uh…” Roger’s heart skipped a beat. Was this barn really meant for homosexual activity? He couldn’t believe that. Mr. Walsingham — he was the farmer who owned this land, and both barns — was a good, Christian man. He went to church where Roger’s father preached; that was how Roger got this job. Mr. Walsingham wouldn’t tolerate any kind of sodomy, would he?

“So, if you aren’t manly enough to handle this, go ahead back to the red barn. That’s a great place for small, weak men who don’t want anyone to see their manhood,” Brad said. He glanced down at Roger’s cock, which was small. It wasn’t always tiny, it got a lot bigger when it was hard, but Roger blushed just the same. “It’s okay. Only really horny horse-cocked men have a need to drain their balls like this. Don’t be embarrassed. If you don’t need to, you’re a better, more civilized man than us.” He and the other workers cheered on their own barbarism. They pounded on their own chests and smacked each other’s hairy asses, laughing at their horseplay.

But of course, Roger was embarrassed. He didn’t want to seem like half a man. So he cleared his throat and said, “No, I’ll stay. I’ll stay. I’ll… do whatever.” He looked down at his feet as Brad clapped his hands.

“Really? Wow, you did not look like the type,” Brad said. He shrugged and headed into the shower water. He closed his eyes as it ran through his thick blond hair and washed over his flesh. His muscles rippled, attracting Roger’s attention though he tried to look away. He didn’t want to look like what his father called a lavender lad.

Roger went into the water too. It did feel good. Now that he had sat down for a few minutes, he was no longer quite so exhausted as he had been. He had caught his breath But his legs still felt like jelly; they might have even felt worse now that they rested for a bit.

“Now get down on your knees,” Brad said. He wagged his dick in Roger’s direction. It was thick and soapy, fleshy, almost inviting for some reason. Roger really did want to taste it, even if the others were already teasing him for it and he hadn’t even begun.

Suck it down, rookie!

Some of the other men were already touching dicks. They laughed nervously when they did, like they were regretting choosing the green barn. Some of them grabbed each other’s cocks, others touched themselves as they watched.

Roger sunk to his knees. He was shocked at himself for agreeing to this, but he wanted desperately to fit in. Besides, he thought, he might be able to distract anyone from noticing he had a small cock — and if he got hard, they might not even see it until it had gotten bigger.

Brad had a cocky grin on his face. He slapped his cock over Roger’s face and laughed when he winced. The dickmeat was slick and sour. It still tasted like sweat even though it had been washed off by the shower spray; it still tasted of salt and body hair and sunlight and loamy soil, and it still made Roger hungry despite his distaste for it.

Then Roger choked a little as Brad fed his dick into Roger’s throat. The taste of cock filled his senses. Brad’s dick stiffened and hardened so quickly Roger could watch it swell until it was hard as rock.

“Open your mouth wider,” Brad said with a chuckle.

Make him suck it! Make him suck it, Brad!

Precum leaked down Roger’s throat. It tasted sour and salty-sweet, and it made Roger’s eyes water. He was surprised not just by how quickly Brad was getting hard but also by how hard he got — Roger was never that hard. Brad’s cock was like a crowbar in his throat, a hot rod of steel.

He was also surprised because he really didn’t mind the taste of cock or of precum. It wasn’t exactly delicious, but there was something savory and craveable about it. Roger wouldn’t have minded doing this again.

Not that he planned on doing it again, mind you. He fully intended to shower in the red barn from now on. He didn’t want to admit he had made a mistake, so he would just tell the other workers that he was no longer horny, that he had showered in the green barn today because he wanted to have sex, and after today, he will have chosen to shower in the red barn because he didn’t want to have sex. No mistake. No perversion. No sodomy.

But before he could enact that plan, he had to get through today. He was so focused on sucking cock that he didn’t hear the other workers chant.

Stick it in his ass, Brad!

Make him a whore!

Brad looked a little nervous, like he didn’t expect it to go this far. No one else was having anal sex. There was only one other pair of workers sharing oral sex — most of them just circlejerked. Normally they all circlejerked in a big circle, but today half of them watched Roger suck dick. Roger had no idea that it wasn’t commonplace to suck cock here in the green barn, but he was beginning to get suspicious because no one else had begun doing so.

“Okay, now it’s your turn to bend over,” Brad said. He drew in a deep, satisfied sigh.


“Don’t worry, it’s real easy. Just get down on all fours,” Brad said. He didn’t wait for Roger to get ready, he pushed him into position on his hands and knees. Lukewarm shower water sprayed over Roger’s back, and someone swiped slick soap on Roger’s ass to lube him up.

Then a powerful, mounting pain hit him in the backside. Roger moaned, in pain first and then pleasure as the most incredible sensation of his life hit him. There was intense pressure that he couldn’t quite handle, and he screamed.

The other men clapped and hooted. They were shooting their own loads now as they watched, circlejerking onto the floor of the green barn just a few feet from where Roger crouched.

“Hey, get off!” Brad shouted, yelping as he pushed Lawrence away — Lawrence was a greasy cowboy-type farmworker who had rammed his finger in Brad’s ass because he thought it was funny. While Brad worked his dick into Roger’s butthole, Lawrence got the other workers to watch while he slipped his pinkie finger into Brad. They all guffawed together as Brad shoved Lawrence away.

Brad grabbed ahold of Roger’s hair, and he pulled just tight enough to keep him from squirming. That placed Brad’s strapping chest muscles right against Roger’s bare back, so Roger could feel the strength and the power radiating off him. It made Roger feel weak, but he didn’t mind anymore. He was glad to be weak in front of Brad. He wanted to feel Brad’s dominance on top of him, inside him and throughout every inch of Roger’s body.

“Don’t say I never did nothin’ for you,” Brad said as he reached around to Roger’s cock. It was hard, so it had grown considerably, but Brad still snickered. “Damn, that is one tiny cock.”

“It’s not that small!”

But arguing about it just made Roger seem defensive and drew attention to it. Soon the other workers were kneeling in front of him to see, and they all laughed, gibbering about how tiny it was.

It’s like a fingernail!

Are we sure he ain’t a female?

Cum popped off all over the place. The shower did not feel very clean, and Roger realized he now felt dirtier than he had when he first came in. If it was like this all the time, he thought, then the floor here must be covered in cum. That made him feel grimy and gross because he was on the floor now. How many stale old loads was he rubbing himself into right now?

But he couldn’t concentrate on that. His body writhed in both pain and pleasure, precum leaking down Brad’s fingers as he stroked Roger off. Roger knew it was embarrassing to get hard with a cock in his ass, but he couldn’t help it.

Oh, wow, Li’l-Dick Rookie is into it! He loves it!

With a cock like that, I knew he was a girl!

His prostate sang and screamed as Roger reached orgasm. He grunted. He gasped. He heaved for air, writhing beneath Brad’s farm-toned muscles. Cum sprayed over the floor and Brad’s fingers.

Roger sighed. His entire body went limp and he collapsed belly-first onto the pile of steaming-hot cum he had just sprayed. Brad cheered.

“Hell yeah, I made you blow first! That makes me a champion!”

Every else clapped and laughed. About half the workers were proud of Brad and jeered at Roger, while the other half thought that Brad should be more ashamed of his sinfulness. Brad pumped his biceps and wiped his cum-dripping hands off on Roger’s back. The shower water washed away all of Roger’s load from his back, but his stomach — which had become covered in cum when he laid in his own load on the floor — was not facing the water, so most of his semen stuck to his skin there.

Then he withdrew his cock all the way from Roger’s ass. He called for silence and everyone watched as Brad very slowly pushed his entire manhood back in.

“Gonna finish now, fill you up on the inside…” Brad groaned right into Roger’s ears.

Roger squealed and yelped. He couldn’t even pretend to be in pain anymore — there was a little pain, but it was overshadowed by the mind-blowing pleasure of his prostate being stimulated. Roger moaned. His fingers tightened into claws that ripped at the loose, splintery boards of the green barn floor.

He sensed Brad’s orgasm a few seconds before it began. Brad’s chortling laughter turned into a low, grumbly groan of bliss, a cringing sound so intense it made the hair on the back of Roger’s neck stand on end.

Cum sprayed into his ass, a big, creamy load that soaked into his flesh. It dripped into the folds of his guts as he took wad after wad of hot cum. Its heat seeped into his body, and Roger could feel it in his arms and his legs, his fingers, his toes and even in his face.

Finally it was all over. Roger was limp, on the floor on his belly, both sides of him covered in cum, both his own and the other workers — they had circlejerked onto the floor, but in the confusion and cramped quarters, Roger ended up with more than a little bit all of him as well. He couldn’t tell if he should cry, fight or beg for more. He wanted to do all three.

But more than that, he wanted to lay there and bask in the aftershocks of his orgasm. They cracked through his body like earthquakes, so intense he couldn’t think about anything except the mind-blowing experience he had just had. He didn’t know how long he rested there on the floor. It felt like eons.

Eventually, however, he was done. He crawled to his feet, and sheepishly exchanged glances with the other workers who were still here. Brad had gone, as had most of the others — once they blew their wads and finished their showers, there was no reason to stick around.

One person was left, standing there naked and watching him with pity in his eyes. He was Gerry, the oldest of the farmworkers, well into his forties though with a well-muscled body that could keep up with the younger workers.

“You okay?” Gerry asked. He put one hand on Roger’s shoulders as Roger finally rinsed off all that cum. He felt clean for the first time since he had started work this morning.

Roger nodded.

Gerry smiled. He led Roger back to the changing area, where they both slowly put some clothes on. Roger was dazed and groggy.

“Next time,” Gerry said, “you should hold back. One of the rules of the green barn is that whatever you give, you gotta take too. So if you didn’t cum first, you could have made Brad bend over and take it in the ass.”


Gerry nodded. “Next time. If you’re ready, I’d be glad to fuck you next time.”

“And then I get to fuck you?”

“Well… I’m going to give you a reacharound just like Brad did,” Gerry said with a grin. He headed towards the door to the outside, and Roger followed. “If you blow your load in my hand, then you don’t get to fuck me. So enjoy it, but don’t enjoy it too much.”

“Oh, okay. I, uh, I can do that,” Roger said. He wasn’t very confident in that though. He had enjoyed himself so much he didn’t know if he’d ever be able to hold off on cumming the entire time he was fucked. If it always felt like it did today, he thought, he wouldn’t be able to delay it at all. If it was always like that, he’d never want to slow down.

He decided right then and there that he was going to shower in the green barn every day.

Taboo Night-Time Affair: The Black Cop Stepman

Here’s the entirety of Taboo Night-Time Affair: The Black Cop Stepman, a hot story by Otto Van Raunchenhausen! It’s part of the Taboo Night-Time Affair series, all of which is in Kindle Unlimited!

Ian woke up just as the fight was getting really bad. He heard his mother scream, “Don’t you talk to me like that, asshole!”, and it was her voiceless shout of anger that actually woke Ian. Then there was a loud bang as though she had thrown something at Daddy Travis and hit the wall. Whatever it was shattered.

“I tol’ you I’d be late!”

“You promised you wouldn’t work this late anymore! You promised!”

“I know, but-“

“No buts! When you promise me something, I expect you to follow through! You bastard! You can sleep on the couch!”

“It’s too small…” his voice trailed off as she slammed the door shut. He sighed loudly and walked away.

Ian felt a guilty sense of relief. He had come to like Daddy Travis in the years since he married Ian’s mother, but it was difficult to overcome first impressions. He had hated his stepfather for so long he still enjoyed it when Daddy Travis got in trouble. He got a vicarious sense of satisfaction out of hearing Mama yell at him because Ian had wanted to yell at him for a long time.

The floorboards creaked as Daddy Travis went out to the living room. The police radio he always wore crackled into life, but the dispatcher wasn’t speaking to him. Ian heard him wait motionless in the living room. He must have considered sleeping on the couch, then decided against it — that wasn’t surprising, since he was much taller than the couch was long. He’d probably sleep on the floor, which was something he had done before.

But much to Ian’s surprise, that isn’t what he did. Daddy Travis slid the door open to Ian’s bedroom. He stood there in the dark as though waiting to see if Ian was awake.

Ian lifted his head. “Travis?”

He came in and nodded. He began unbuttoning his uniform shirt. “Is it okay if I sleep in here wit’ you? Yo’ mama and me… we’s havin’ a fight.” He had light brown skin that was smooth, marked with only a few tattoos, most prominently the symbol of his police department on his neck. The lean muscles of his toned body writhed in the moonlight as he came over to the bed and took off his boots. “I don’t wanna sleep on the floor, Ian, it hurts my back somethin’ fierce.”

Ian nodded and said yes. It seemed Daddy Travis had assumed the answer was yes anyway; he didn’t wait for Ian to agree. He sighed loudly as he sat on the edge of the bed.

Though he had unbuttoned his uniform shirt, he didn’t take it off. He just sighed and dropped onto his back on the bed. He laid there for a moment, motionless and quiet except for his loud breathing, on the covers and next to Ian. The smell of beer was heavy on his breath, and he burped loudly.

“You’re drunk?”

“Niggas don’t get drunk, Ian,” he said. He didn’t elaborate on that. His voice sounded slurred though — he was drunk, at least a little bit.

“You shouldn’t break your promises to Mom,” Ian said.

“Don’t you start on me too,” he said with a sigh. “Don’t you get it? I keep this town safe-“

“You’re not the only cop.”

“I know, but I’m the best,” he said. Ian could hear the smile in his voice. “I feel like this town might fall apart if I don’t do everything I can to fix it.”

“You’re not gonna wipe out crime, Travis. You can’t fix everything,” Ian said..

“You don’t understand, nigga, I came from the ghetto. I can’t just abandon-“ he paused and laughed. “Did I just call you my nigga?”

Ian giggled and nodded. “You do that when you’re drunk,” he said. He scooted closer to Daddy Travis, so close he could smell the sweat clinging to the shirt he had taken off but still lay on top of. As soon as he moved closer, Daddy Travis stopped laughing, and Ian blushed, wondering if he had embarrassed himself.

“You knew Robert Winchell?”

“Robbie? Yeah. We went to high school together.”

“Oh. I arrested him tonight. He’s a meth dealer,” Daddy Travis said.

“Oh. Wow. Well, I can’t say I’m surprised,” Ian said. Robbie had always been a trashy white thug, so if he had had to pick one person he went to high school with who started selling meth, that’s who it’d be.

“You hang out with him?”

“No! We ended up at the same parties sometimes, but we didn’t hang out. He was always smoking weed with the potheads out back,” Ian said. He didn’t mention that he was usually smoking weed there too.

“Good. Don’t mess around with that stuff, Ian.”

“I don’t! I don’t do meth, I barely even drink,” Ian said. He found that his body had scooted closer to Daddy Travis’. It wasn’t really deliberate, it was just the weight of his stepfather’s body on the mattress weighed it down, pushing Ian closer to him. Ian didn’t mind. He loved his stepfather’s musky, coconut butter smell. His hand was touching Travis’ thigh through his jeans, which sent a shiver of sexual anticipation up Ian’s spine.

After a long, awkward silence, Travis cleared his throat and said, “I know you… Uh… Look…. You can tell me anything, you know. And yo’ mama is gonna love you no matter what.”

“I know.” Ian’s voice trembled, unsure what his stepfather was trying to say.

“She don’t care that you’re gay,” he said.

Another long pause filled the room. Ian wasn’t out of the closet. He had just started visiting gay bars and had briefly had a sort-of boyfriend. He had never had sex before. But as far as his mother was concerned, he was straight.

“It’s okay, neither do I,” he said. “My partner saw you at the Dirty Dancer.”

“Oh. I thought I ducked out in time,” Ian said quietly, avoiding Travis’ intense stare. Last time he had been at the Dirty Dancer, the cops showed up when a fight broke out. Ian had managed to escape out the back door, worried that Daddy Travis or one of his coworkers would recognize Ian. Apparently he hadn’t been sneaky enough.

“You can tell yo’ mama whenever you’s ready,” Travis said. He leaned over and wrapped an arm around Ian’s prone body, his warm muscles and inviting chest sending a thrill of arousal through Ian’s sleepy mind. He stirred and again scooted closer to his stepfather, the edges of his police badge pressing into Ian’s shoulder. “You a virgin?”

Ian hesitated before answering. “Yes.”

His voice soft and weak as though nearly asleep, Daddy Travis murmured, “You wanna me to fuck you?”

“Yes,” he said without giving it a moment’s thought. He gulped. He had never really acknowledged how much Daddy Travis turned him on, though he always had, from the moment Mama introduced him. Ian had masturbated dreaming of this exact scenario on many occasions. He loved the way Daddy Travis’ muscular chest barely fit in his uniform shirt, biceps bulging against the seams, broad shoulders straining within the fabric. When he was off, he walked around the house in his boxers, slung low so his ass was slightly visible, the big bulge in his crotch attracting Ian’s attention and making it hard to concentrate. He wore a jockstrap with a cup most days because perps had kicked him in the balls on many occasions, so even in his uniform slacks, his mouth-watering bulge was apparent. That was what he still wore now, and since he lay on his back, the bulge was even more prominent than usual. Ian’s arms felt weak with anxiety and self-consciousness, since he was so skinny, bulgeless and twig-limbed compared to Daddy Travis’ gym-toned muscles.

“Whatchoo wanna do?” Daddy Travis said, reclining on his back as though to suggest his body was open for Ian. “You can go to town, boy… Y’ain’t gonna tell yo’ mama, right?”


“Good,” he said. “We gonna fuck on the downlow.” His body twitched as Ian awkwardly placed one hand on his chest, feeling his muscles beneath his shirt. His pecs were softball-sized rocks beneath Ian’s fingers; he had never felt muscle like this before, except on the few occasions Daddy Travis hugged him. His fingers crept to Travis’ nipples. Travis groaned. “You know what downlow means?”

“Kinda,” Ian said. His hand moved lower and lower until it slipped under Daddy Travis’ uniform slacks. His belt was loose so Ian’s fingers crept in easily, to the moist and warm hairy nest of his crotch. Ian had an idea of what downlow meant, but only because he had heard the black kids talk about it in the locker room, laughing and accusing each other of being on the downlow. Ian had no idea what it meant then, he just knew it turned him on, and he gathered the gist of it the longer he stayed there sneaking glances at their naked bodies.

“It means what happens in the dark, stays in the dark,” Daddy Travis said. “I’m a little drunk anyway. It don’t count in the dark. It don’t count if you’s drunk. It don’t count if you’s family. It don’t count in jail neither, but that one don’t apply here. Ya understand? Girls never get that. Sex is always an emotional thing for them. It always counts, as far as they’re concerned.” He scoffed. “Bitches!”

“Yeah…” Ian said, his mind too distant to pay attention. His fingers touched Travis’ dick, which was hot and veiny, throbbing as it grew hard beneath his grasp. Ian had touched cocks before, but it was never as sexy as this; he had never touched a black man either, and he wondered if the slick, vascular smoothness of the shaft was characteristic of black men. The handful of gay white men he had shared handjobs with were more clammy and spongy even when hard, but Daddy Travis felt sexier and harder even before he was erect.

He unzipped Travis’ slacks and pulled his dick out of his pants. He gave it a stroke and moved his head lower and lower. He hesitated, then let his mouth encircle the tip.

Having never tasted cock before but having fantasized about it many times a day since he was a middle-schooler, Ian was turned on instantly by the flavor. He moaned exquisitely and moved his head lower.

Soon his nose was ensconced in the kinky pubic hair of Daddy Travis’ crotch, which smelled of soap and black man’s musk. Ian inhaled deeply of the scent, his dick spasming inside the boxers he slept in. His hands roamed over Travis’ trunk-like thighs and the smooth muscles of his chest.

Daddy Travis took his shirt the rest of the way off and guided his head up and down. His dick turned hard in Travis’ mouth. The flavor of his masculine meat was so spicy and so pungent it brought tears to Ian’s eyes as his veiny shaft pulsated between Travis’ lips.

Much to Ian’s surprise, Daddy Travis didn’t act like what he assumed a straight man would in this scenario. He didn’t just lean back and let his dick leak precum down Ian’s throat. Instead, his hands roamed from Ian’s smooth back down to his ass and even into his crotch. He stroked Ian’s dick to full erection.

Ian wondered how common this was for him — was Daddy Travis on the downlow all the time? His friend and partner, the only other black cop in town, was named Winston, and he was a burly, hairy sheriff; the thought of them awkwardly fumbling with each other in the dark made Ian shudder with desire. He wanted to watch that more than anything.

They both jumped, startled, when the radio flickered into life. It was still attached to Travis’ pants on the ground.

Dispatch to Unit Eighteen.

Travis groaned. “He’ll remember I’m off-duty now, in a second.” He and Ian remained still and silent as though if they made a sound, the dispatcher would know where Travis was and make him come back to work.

Dispatch to Unit Eighteen. Where you at, Travis?

He dropped his arm to the ground and fished around for the radio. He pulled the entire pair of pants up along with it and spoke into the receiver. Ian kept his mouth on Daddy Travis’ dick the whole time, even as he spoke into the radio.

“This is Unit Eighteen, Dispatch. I’m off now. I’m at home. You can’t tell me what to do anymore.”

Oh. An emergency caller is requesting you.

“Is it Sheila Brandon?”

Yes it is.

“She’s crazy, Jim. She thinks black folk can’t be replaced by reptilian doppelgängers, that’s why she wants me,” Travis said. He closed his eyes and leaned back, his cock pulsating deep in Ian’s throat.

Well, she was throwing bottles at Scotty.

“She don’t like white people. Send Rizzer over. He’s dark-skinned. Tell him to pretend he’s a real light-skinned ni… African American,” he said, censoring himself since he was speaking on a public band. “She’ll believe that. She’s kinda stupid too. Stupid and crazy, the Alabama double-whammy.”

She said she’ll only talk to you. She said she’ll keep throwing stuff at anyone who comes to her door, until she talks to you again.

“Then she’ll have to wait until five o’clock tomorrow, Jim. Leave me alone. I’m going to sleep,” Travis said. “Or whatever, have Scotty tase her or ask her out on a date or hire a lady-boxer to take her down or he could just wear a helmet. I don’t care, as long as you don’t get me involved. I’m off now. I’m trying to spend some quality time with my wife, and you are not invited, Jim.” He held on to Ian’s head as he fed his dick down deeper. It got even harder as he talked, as though either frustration or subterfuge made him horny. He groaned, cockmeat spasming in Travis’ mouth.

Fine. Ten-four. Love you, Travvie-Wavvie.

“I hate that fucker,” Travis said to Ian as he dropped the radio to the ground. “Goddamn honky. Your family is cool, Ian. Jim at dispatch is a fuckin’ honky.”

Ian giggled around Travis cock. He licked down the shaft, tracing the track of a bulging vein as he went. The flavor of Travis’ manhood grew more intense the lower he went, the more his scent moved from clean soap to masculine musk.

Moving on pure instinct now, not worrying about whether he was doing this right, Ian moved to mount his stepfather. He placed his legs on either side of Daddy Travis’ hips and put their cocks together. Travis’ meat was hot as fire, and as solid as steel. Ian felt cold and insubstantial in comparison, and his skinny body jerked in stark contrast to Daddy Travis’ bulky frame, which flexed sinuously as pleasure overwhelmed them both.

Travis jerked and spasmed like he was uncomfortable with their cock-on-cock contact, then sighed as their precums mixed, running down their shared shafts and Ian’s hands. The sensation of creamy fluid lubricating their meatsticks made Ian shudder with desire.

The rock-hard feel of Travis’ throbbing cock next to his made Travis tingle with anticipation. He knew what was coming next, and he could see it in Daddy Travis’ eyes. The thought of being penetrated made Ian nervous, but he wanted to do it more than anything.

“You wanna sit on it, boi?”

“Yes,” Ian said without giving it a second thought. He scooted forward and lifted himself up, moaning as he did — he had never thought he’d lose his virginity like this, to his stepfather. It was already the most exciting thing he had ever done.

A biting pain hit him as he lowered himself onto Travis’ cock. Travis bit his lip as well, and Ian held his breath. The pain was excruciating, and he almost backed out.

But then pleasure washed over him as well. Like a switch had been flipped, the pain was still there but the pleasure overwhelmed it. He grunted, and Daddy Travis did likewise.

He didn’t stop stroking Ian off; he just closed his eyes and let Ian lift himself up and down, gradually working every inch of Travis’ big black meat inside him.

Ian was so aroused he shot his load almost immediately. He grunted and choked. He spasmed, sending fresh waves of bliss and agony up his spine.

His cum sprayed out over Daddy Travis’ chest, some of it even soaking into the uniform shirt he had only shrugged off, so it still lay on the bed behind him. Ian kneaded the sweat-dappled flesh of Travis’ muscles as wave after wave of orgasm ran over his body. Travis didn’t even mind when cum hit his lips and chin, he just licked it up and grimaced at the flavor.

Gripping his stepfather’s shoulders for support, Ian rode his cock the best he could. He wasn’t sure if he was doing this right, but Daddy Travis looked like he couldn’t believe the pleasure he felt; his face was scrunched up, eyes closed tight. His hands caressed Ian’s smooth, pale torso, and he moaned as pleasure overtook him. He even stroked Ian’s limp, cum-moistened cock, squeezing out every drop of juice.

It didn’t take very long for Daddy Travis to finish as well. Ian could feel it coming a few seconds before it arrived; he felt it in the spasming of Travis’ muscles and his cock pulsating deep within Ian.

Hot cum sprayed inside him coating his innards. The creamy warmth spread throughout his body, seeping into his very soul. He knew then that all his doubts about being gay were gone — this was what sex was supposed to be, for him.

He didn’t want to pull off. He stayed there, letting Daddy Travis’ dick go soft inside him. Then he kissed each of Travis’ pecs and laid down next to him.

Daddy Travis let out a snort, then rolled over onto his side, wrapping his powerful arms around Ian’s body. He buried his grizzled face and chin in the back of Ian’s neck, and he kissed the smooth skin there.

“What time is your alarm set for?”


“Good. Make sure I get up, okay? I don’t want yer mama to find us like this,” he said. “You ain’t gonna tell her, right?”

“I won’t, Daddy Travis. We’re on the downlow.”

“That’s right. Love you, boy.”

“Love you too, daddy.”

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