Interview with Robin Reinach

Here’s an interview with Robin Reinach, whom I am a big fan of.

Most interesting question from our POV is the first one:


You write erotica, memoir and fiction so do you have a preference between the three?

Erotica! What could be more fun than turning myself on while writing? As each scene unfolds, I feel my characters’ growing excitement. A humming feeling, like an energy current, skims my skin, penetrates the pores, and seeps into the core of my body until every cell is buzzing with sex. Delicious!!


Kindle Unlimited

It looks like Amazon is prepping a service called “Kindle Unlimited”, which is an ebook/audiobook rental service, like Oyster et al. It seems that users will be allowed to read any book in KOLL after paying up $9.99/month. Assuming we authors get the standard KOLL rate (hovering around $2/read), that seems like a great deal to me.

The secret Soviet erotica collection

Here’s an interesting article about the secret Soviet erotica collection. Apparently they confiscated adult materials from ordinary citizens and kept them for their own use.

For some reason, I really want to see this:

One of the most stunning items seized from an unknown owner is “The Seven Deadly Sins,” an oversized book of engravings self-published in 1918 by Vasily Masyutin, who also illustrated classics by Pushkin and Chekhov. Among its depictions of gluttony is a large woman masturbating with a ghoulish smile.

History of erotica

Here’s a fascinating history of erotica, framed as a bit of a diatribe about men who dislike erotica and romance. It’s from PSMag. I can’t say I care very much about that particular issue — women make fun of men for reading pulp scifi and crappy fantasy novels too, with some crossover in both directions. Men and women like different things, Mars and Venus, yadda yadda yadda yadda.


My current research about the success of Elinor Glyn—the early 20th-century British “sex novelist” who helped to invent modern romance fiction with an explicit erotic edge—reveals that such critiques date back to the genre’s origins. Around the turn of the 19th century, at the dawn of the bestseller-era in the Anglophone world, critics blamed “readers—chiefly women—who make the fortune of English fiction” for supporting a “Scarlet-crested Elinor Glyn wave” of writers accused of “naturalizing” the sexual mores of “the erotic, absinthe-drenched, nerve-racked decadents” of Paris. Or, as one eminent American critic wondered in 1908: “Why is it that when women writers of the modern school deal with passion they succeed only in ‘nastifying it?’”

From Male Escort to Straight Trade Hunter

This is the entirety of From Male Escort to Straight Trade Hustler by J.T. Washington.

“Hey, this is Vance,” said the deep gravelly voice on the other end. It took Ryan a moment to remember who Vance was. Ryan’s partner, Sam, was reading the newspaper, but put it down when he realized Ryan had picked up the phone and paused. Sam raised his eyebrows questioningly.

“Oh, right, Vance, hello. Leslie’s… friend,” Ryan said, trying to sound as butch as possible, though he wasn’t very good at it. Leslie was Ryan and Sam’s lesbian friend, whose hiring of Vance as a male escort was how Ryan and Sam had met Vance in the first place.

Vance cleared his throat. Ryan got hard at the memory of Vance’s ruggedly handsome face, and his strong body perfectly filling out the suit he had worn the last time they saw each other. He was a perfect ladies man, full of confidence and swagger without losing any of his charisma and grace.

That last time they saw him, when he was with Leslie in a tailored tuxedo that showed off every inch of his body, had been when Ryan and Sam offered Vance a lot of money for a taste of his cock. He had refused, said he was strictly heterosexual regardless of how much money was on the table.

“Yes, that’s right,” he said. “I was wondering if that offer you made was still on the table.”

Ryan was frantic to say yes, and he stood up as though about to run a marathon. “Yes, yes, yes,” he said. Sam was looking at him confused, so Ryan clarified into the phone, “Yes, of course our offer is still open.”

Sam raised his eyebrows again, this time in surprise. Vance had seemed so certain before, and he made it seem like he made enough money escorting that he wasn’t likely to be desperate.

“Oh thank god,” Vance said, “Please don’t tell Leslie. I don’t want word to get out that I was talked into it, or everyone will start trying to get me to switch teams. I just need a little money right away, that’s all.”

“Sure, of course. The economy’s tough out there,” Ryan said, too excited to think of anything more coherent to say.

So they made plans to meet that weekend, Ryan thought of little else as the day approached. He had been daydreaming about getting in Vance’s pants, and could barely believe his luck at getting Vance to agree. He was glad he and Sam had in common their love for straight hustlers — he could never be in a relationship with a man who wouldn’t let him pursue some straight cock on the side. It seemed silly to nitpick over that, it barely counted as cheating if the man you were with wasn’t attracted to you at all.

They met at a hotel room, a fancy one with a big plush mattress. Vance brought along a portable DVD player and some lesbian porn, which he sheepishly pulled out as they got ready. . The look on his face was that of a man on his way to his own execution. He walked slowly, eyes averted, and put the lesbian porn on wordlessly.

“We’re going to make this as good for you as we can,” Ryan said, as sympathetically as he could. It was a little awkward to be pushing a man into doing something gay that he really didn’t want to do. But it was clear he needed the money more than he needed a pure heterosexual soul, and Sam had more money than he had sexual inhibition. It was a good combination for Ryan, who was down for whatever but didn’t have the resources on his own to attract anyone with class like Vance. He could afford to hire an occasional street tough for some downlow action, and he often did precisely that, but it wasn’t the same as the professionally-sexy Vance.

Vance shut his eyes and focused on the sounds of women loudly orgasming on top of each other. He undid his slacks and pulled them to his knees, then let a long, thick swarthy cock flop out. It was limp, seeming almost scared by what was about to happen.

Ryan dove onto it first, wanting to get the taste of homo-virginity deflowering. He knew Sam would be pissed — Sam was the actual payer, after all — but Ryan didn’t care. Vance had obviously been keeping himself clean and perfumed for the ladies. His dick tasted like lavender and cream, and Ryan moaned around the cockflesh in his mouth.

Sam began licking around the base, and soon they both worked their lips and tongue up the shaft of his dick. It got hard quickly and pulsated beneath their tongues, its heat filling up first Ryan’s throat and then Sam’s. They took turns choking on it, letting its thickness ad fullness quench their thirst.

Precum leaked from his dick. Its sour-salty taste flowed into Ryan’s mouth, and he closed his eyes in bliss as his own cock reached orgasm. He loved the taste of a nice, clean cock like this, though he had to admit a love for rough and filthy dick too. There was something enticing about flesh that smelled like fresh laundry.

“I can’t believe how good this feels,” Vance said, “Don’t tell anybody I liked it. I mean, don’t tell anyone about this, but for god’s sake, don’t tell them I got hard right away.”

Ryan and Sam couldn’t answer with their mouths full of his cock, but Vance didn’t seem to need a real answer. He was too intent on his impending orgasm to listen anyway.

When Vance’s balls pulled up in his scrotum, which Ryan felt in his fingertips massaging his nutsack, Ryan knew his orgasm was imminent. A selfish part of his mind told him to get right on the cockhead, so he would get the full taste of his cumload, but Ryan knew he would never hear the end of that. Besides, he really did love Sam and wanted him to want this — if he didn’t have a good time, he’d never pay for it again, after all.

So Ryan shared Vance’s dick with his boyfriend, and they both took his cockhead in their mouths just as the first spray of cum came out. It landed on Ryan’s tongue, but the next one hit Sam’s lip.

Vance moaned in uncontrollable ecstasy, his body shaking with every thrust of his hips. Semen jetted out of his shaft in great, thick arcs, which Ryan and Sam enthusiastically lapped up with their tongue.

They kissed when Vance finished, letting their shared cum pool on their interlocking tongues. They collapsed onto the bed, rubbing their own bodies together, while Vance awkwardly stood.

They were deep in the throes of love-making when Vance finished dressing, took his cash from the table and said, “Okay, thanks guys, bye. Don’t tell anyone I enjoyed that.”

Ryan didn’t know if Vance was hard-up for cash or if he had decided that gay blowjobs weren’t as bad as he thought, but he called them back just a few weeks later to set up another appointment. Ryan was just glad to hear that sultry voice, which reminded him of the previous sexual encounter and made his dick jerk to attention in his pants.

They made a quick date, and Ryan was excited at the possibility of this becoming a regular event. As long as Sam could afford it — which Ryan didn’t know, since Sam never told him anything about his finances — Ryan would have loved to make it a Thursday night event for the couple.

But this time, Sam had an idea to make it even better. As Vance dropped his pants, Sam made eye contact with me and smiled. He spoke softly, tentatively, as though if he was quiet enough, Vance would say yes without hearing the offer. “We’ll pay you an extra two hundred bucks to lick your ass too,” Sam said. Ryan was proud of him. He wasn’t usually so forward about this kind of thing.

Vance turned around and blushed. “Four hundred,” he said.

“Three hundred,” Sam countered. “That’s all the cash we have.” Ryan knew he would have agreed to four, so he was glad Sam was the one haggling. Ryan could never bluff anyone.

“Fine,” Vance said. He sighed a little as though regretting it as soon as he said it. But he was resigned to it now, and slowly turned around. He began undoing his belt buckle to drop his jeans — it was nice to see him in something other than the fancy suit he normally wore, and Ryan was glad to see he looked just as sexy in workman’s boots and jeans, with a plain t-shirt over his trim torso.

“Wait,” Sam said, “Let us take it off.”

Sam undid the belt buckle and Ryan pulled down his pants, his head just inches from his cologned, pert asscheeks. He kissed Vance’s ass through his designer red boxer shorts, and Vance winced as though it hurt.

Ryan slowly pulled down his boxers, while he and Sam licked the rapidly revealing asscheeks, his swarthy skin slightly paler there, the color of milky coffee. A few fine black hairs crept up from his thigh, and some lined his crack, but it appeared Vance shaved. Ryan was a little disappointed about that. He loved the meaty, unkempt feel of male ass against his tongue, but he knew Sam preferred the clean approach.

The smell of sweat was always overwhelming at a man’s ass, that was one of the thing’s Ryan loved about rimjobs — it was like pure, unadulterated man; it was like freebasing masculinity, and Ryan couldn’t get enough of it. He licked from the top of the asscrack, and Sam licked up from the bottom. Their tongues met near his asshole, and there they kissed, Vance’s curly asshairs caught between their lips.

Vance’s whole body tensed up as they penetrated his rectum with their tongues. The taste and smell of his manhood wafted over them, and Ryan felt his own dick nearing orgasm.

As Vance neared his climax, Sam went around to the front and got down on his knees there. He opened his mouth, but Vance was too intent on enjoying his rimjob from Ryan to pay attention.

Vance’s body bucked and arched as Ryan’s tongue explored his ass, flickering into his anus and delicately teasing the hairs around his crack.

Vance suddenly stood up and his knees straightened. His cock jutted out angry and red, nearing orgasm so closely Ryan could almost taste it in the air.

Sam dove down on the cockhead, surrounding its tip with his tongue. He moaned as the taste filled his senses, and he stroked Vance’s cock with one hand.

Ryan reached forward to play with Vance’s balls, and his hand met Sam’s. They worked Vance’s scrotum together and cooed in sync with his involuntary buzz of pleasure coming out of his mouth.

Vance was obviously surprised by how good it felt, but it seemed he wasn’t bothering to stifle his pleasure anymore. He flexed his muscles and sighed as the orgasm finally overtook him. He sighed and shook, cum flowing out of his cockhead and into Sam’s waiting mouth.

Ryan crawled across the floor to his lover, one hand still kneading Vance’s hot, sweaty balls. Sam held the wad of cum in his mouth, waiting of rRyan, who was just a little jealous he hadn’t gotten the wad of cum in his own mouth.

They kissed, sharing the load and letting it run down their bodies as they sunk onto the ground together. They made out there, more passionately than they had in years, not since they were courting had they been so passionate and lustful together.

Vance looked away, as usual too grossed out by gayness to even watch. He kept his face pointed at the wall while he wordlessly put his clothes on.

“Thanks for that, guys,” he said.

Ryan was startled out of his sleep by banging on the front door. He and Sam panicked, jumping to their feet and running to see who it was. Sam grabbed an aluminum baseball bat they kept in the bedroom in case of home invaders. Ryan always thought it was ridiculous, the idea of the two of them, the queeniest queens on Queen Street, fighting off any home invader older than twelve.

But the prowess of their faggy fists was untested that night. it was only Vance, so drunk he could barely stand, leaning against the door threshold for support.

“You better say… Better say yesh to this while I’m shtill drunk,” Vance said. “I couldn’t do it sober.”

“Say yes to what?”

“I’ll fuck you both in the ass,” Vance said, then paused and giggled drunkenly. “Not at the same time. That’s not posshible.” He raised his finger as though making a grand discovery. “Unless you have two dicks. Which I don’t.”

Ryan felt his heart drop to the floor. He had thought they hit the jackpot at this hot, smooth straight stud letting them lick his asshole. But getting that cock inside him? That was something he couldn’t turn down.

“I really need the money,” Vance said. “I’ve got bills, and y’know… Shit’s expensive, man. Inflation and all that.”

“Right, yeah, inflation,” Sam said, and his patronizing tone made Ryan laugh. Sam was undoubtedly the only one of the three who knew what inflation was, beyond some sense that it was had something to do with higher prices. Vance didn’t seem to notice Sam’s tone or Ryan’s laughter. He was focused on his payday.

“But I need some big cash,” Vance said.

“We don’t have any cash…” Sam said, “I mean, maybe a few bucks, but we didn’t know you were coming. We don’t normally keep that much cash around.” (Ryan knew that wasn’t totally true — Sam kept ten grand in cash in the bedroom safe, his “get the fuck out of dodge” cash).

Vance said, “Oh, I mean a check is fine, I just need it by the end of the month. Three grand.”

“Three grand to fuck both of us?”

“And we suck your dick and lick your ass again too,” Ryan said. He wanted to make sure to throw that in so Vance didn’t try to charge more for it later.

He sighed and said, “Yeah, fine. Ass-licking is gross, though, you two should be ashamed of yourselves. You kiss each other with those mouths.”

“Yeah, the grossness is the best part,” Ryan said.

Ryan and Sam looked at each other. Ryan raised his eyebrows. He wanted to do it, but that was a given. It wasn’t really his money, so it was easy for him to spend it. Sam was the only one who made a significant salary.

“Fine,” Sam said, “Let me get the checkbook. Don’t cash it until Friday though, I have to move some money over from savings.”

Vance nodded. He already dropped his jeans. He was wearing tattered white briefs today, the elastic slightly torn. He made an embarrassed face as though he had forgotten he wasn’t wearing hip underwear, but Ryan and Sam both showed a flush of sexual heat on their necks and faces.

“I call ass,” Ryan said, smiling at his partner. He knew Sam would be fine with that — he preferred blowjobs, given a choice.

Vance let out a wicked smile that he quickly suppressed. Ryan caught it for just a moment and smiled back, glad that some part of Vance enjoyed what was going on. While the idea of plying a straight guy into gay sex was a turn-on, Ryan didn’t want to feel like a rapist or extortionist.

The whiff of man odor coming off the old briefs gave Ryan a complete erection, which he massaged into fullness while licking Vance’s thighs. Sam pulled down the underwear from the other side, and Ryan moved his tongue up to the clammy flesh of Vance’s ass.

He wedged his face between Vance’s cheeks, diving straight in with his tongue to Vance’s hole. It puckered at his approach, and Ryan dived straight through. He enjoyed sharing the rimjob with Sam last time, but was glad that this time, he could go all in himself.

His tongue explored deeply into Vance’s body, flickering through the tangled mess of hair and sweat, manly juices flowing down Ryan’s gullet. He came for the first time but barely noticed, and once he was done, his hands darted around to Vance’s cock.

Ryan’s stroked Vance’s cock at the root where Sam couldn’t quite deepthroat. He kept his face buried in Vance’s ass, savoring the smell of the younger man’s quivering, awkward muscles around him.

“Okay, who wants it in the ass first?” he said, pulling out. He was a little out of breath, which Ryan took to mean he had stopped because he was about to bust his nut too early.

Ryan and Sam exchanged glances, and he nodded. He wanted Sam to go first, hoping he might get to take the cumload if he goes last. Sam either didn’t think of that or didn’t care, and he just bent over the bed with his pants down.

“Damn, you go right for it,” Vance muttered. He sneered a little as though disgusted as he guided his saliva-slickened cock to Sam’s pale ass.

Vance pushed in all at once with his eyes closed, his hands tightly clenched around Sam’s slim shoulders. Both their bodies shook, with disgust and pleasure respectively. Sam smiled at Ryan, while Vance frowned at the ceiling.

Their bodies pressed together as Vance began to slam his dick in and out of Sam’s ass. They quickly began moving in rhythm, Vance’s awkwardness faded as he seemed to realize that a man’s asshole was the same as a woman’s.

Ryan got himself into position next to his lover, ready to take his turn being impaled on Vance’s manhood. He clutched Sam’s hand while using his other hand to lube up his ass.

Vance switched quickly and without warning. He really must be close to cumming, Ryan thought. He thrust back with his hips, hoping to give Vance such a grand fucking he couldn’t wait to come back.

Vance signaled that he was cumming with enough notice to pull out and wait for Ryan and Sam to get in position at his feet. They both dove onto his cock, their tongues cleaning off the santorum and savoring its taste.

His cum was huge and thick, like he had been waiting for a long time for this one. It filled up first Ryan’s mouth and then Sam’s, and again they collapsed onto the bed in each other’s arms, letting his delicious cum run down our cheeks.

“Well shit…” he said, “Remember, don’t tell anyone I liked it.”