The Zionist porn star

Interesting article about a Zionist porn star proving that life goes on, even in an imperialist war zone (I kid, I kid…).

Michael Lucas, the gay pornography kingpin, has always been a staunch supporter of Israel. The Russian Jew, who was born Andrei Lvovich Trelvas and made his way to New York City to build an empire of homosexual porn under the shingle Lucas Entertainment, holds Israeli citizenship and is the filmmaker not only of “Men of Israel,” the first-ever porno film with an all-gay cast, but also of “Undressing Israel: Gay Men in the Promised Land,” a documentary touting Israel’s gay-friendly appeal and forward-thinking culture.

When war broke out with Gaza last month, Lucas saw that would-be tourists and Jewish tour groups were canceling their reservations left and right. So he got on a plane and flew here in order to prove them wrong.

From the Times of Israel