The Perfect Specimen of Soldier Came Through the Honky Hotel

Here’s a sample chapter from an oldie, but a goodie, and one that only just now went live on Smashwords! It’ll be on Nook, Kobo and iBookstore any day now too. It’s called The Perfect Specimen of Soldier Came Through the Honky Hotel (Kindle Store or Smashwords) and it’s part of a series about the adventures of Adrian, a hotel clerk with a habit for servicing str8 macho alpha males! You can buy this story and three more from the series on the Kindle Store for a great value!

Every couple of weeks Adrian’s job sucked. Normally he enjoyed it — a hotel clerk is a low-stress position, and with sales incentives he normally met, Adrian could make pretty good money. But about once a month, the guys from the local military base, Fort Rumblemore, had a weekend of leave. They often came to Adrian’s hotel, and they were always drunk, rowdy and left a huge mess behind. Since they were price-sensitive, they almost never paid for anything from the minibar or anything on pay-per-view, so the hassle of dealing with them was not worth it to Adrian.

But this night was especially bad for him. Not only did he have to deal with the Rumblemore boys getting drunk in their rooms before hitting the bars, he was depressed to begin with because his long-time lover Shawn had dumped him earlier that day. He had been upset but thought going to work might help — if he had known it was going to be an armyboys night, he would have called out sick for sure.

Finally the armymen all made their way out to the bars. A few of them drifted back over the next few hours, but they had females and went straight to their rooms. Their kissing was a little more risqué than Adrian liked in his lobby, but he knew better than to ask them to stop. The best course of action was simply to let them go fuck their slut in their room, and wait for them to check out in the morning.

The sound of frenzied rutting could be heard when he walked down the hall, emanating from their rooms. More than once an almost entirely naked soldier bumped into him as he drunkenly stumbled off to the ice machine, towel loosely draped around his waist. They stank of cum, and it made Adrian so horny he wished he had a free moment to jack off in the bathroom.

Around midnight the last of them came back. He was Willie Redman, a Texan with the sunburnt shoulders of a real redneck, leaner than a lot of the soldiers but ropy with muscle and an elegant tattoo reading Texas-Made on his upper back. He walked slowly, as though he was drunk and trying to hide it. He stopped in front of the desk.

“Can I help you, sir?” Adrian asked.

“I… I don’t remembuh how to get to my room,” he said.

“I’ll show you. Follow me, sir,” Adrian said. He walked down the hall to his room, which was at the far end.

“Hey, hotel clerks know about…” He trailed off as though too embarrassed to go on. “Women? Like… Women that I can… fuck?”

Willie was not the first soldier to ask him this. “No,” he said. “I don’t know any prostitutes. And I’m gay, so I don’t know much about women at all. Sorry.” In truth, he did know of some prostitutes, but he knew better than to get involved — he could be charged as a pimp if the police found out, which was a felony sex crime, worse than either being or hiring a prostitute.

They were in front of Willie’s door. Willie blanched and said, “I struck out tonight. I was really hoping to get laid. I only got tonight. Tomorrow I ship out to Iraq.”

Adrian opened the hotel room door, and held it open for him. Willie’s muscles throbbed underneath his sleeveless t-shirt (no wonder he struck out, Adrian thought, women don’t normally go for the rough redneck on leave look).

Willie stepped through the threshold, then turned around. “Hey,” he said, “Do you… You can say no, it ain’t a big deal, but do you… Wanna suck my dick?”

Adrian was so surprised he didn’t have a response, but in truth he thought Willie’s redneck soldier look was so sexy he could barely control himself. He wanted nothing more than to suck his dick.

“Yes,” Adrian said. He followed him into the room.

“I never done this before,” Willie said as he sat on the edge of his bed. His head lolled on his shoulders as though he was already half-passed out.

Adrian knelt in front of him and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything.”

He undid Willie’s camo pants, revealing those olive-green PT shorts that Adrian had always thought looked sexy on a man. They were a little small, so Willie’s bulging cock and balls were readily apparent, straining against the fabric.

Willie let out an awkward moan and looked away. The smell of liquor on his breath was strong, and stale, drunken sweat wafted into Adrian’s nostrils as he got started.

He licked Willie’s crotch through his underwear, tasting the salty cotton flavor. Willie laughed a little as though surprised. He leaned back on the bed, keeping his hands up by his head like he was frightened he might accidentally touch Adrian.

Adrian fished his cock out through the fly of his boxers, and licked it from tip to root. It had a ruddy quality, and a well-worn thickness that reminded Adrian of Willie’s sexy redneck swagger.

His dick got hard right away despite the awkwardness of the situation and Willie’s rather advanced drunkenness. His thick shaft pulsated hotly and leaked precum down Adrian’s throat.

It had all happened so fast that Adrian was only just then realizing how much trouble he could get in. He was supposed to be working and consorting with customers in their rooms was strictly forbidden.

But Willie was oblivious to any risk. He grunted as he neared orgasm and his balls lifted up in his sac. Adrian worked on Willie’s nipples with one hand, using the other to stimulate his shaft.

“You gonna swallow?” Willie mumbled. Asking was a polite gesture, Adrian thought, but Willie asked too late for it to matter. Before he even finished asking, cum was spurting down Adrian’s throat.

He shot a huge load with a nice thickness that coated Adrian’s gullet. He moaned at the savory, salty taste flooding his senses.

Adrian kept on Willie’s sensitive shaft until he was drunkenly pulled off. Willie was already half-asleep, it seemed, and Adrian wiped his dick off with a tissue before leaving. He couldn’t resist spending a moment to fondle Willie’s tight pectoral muscles and perfectly round ass, savoring their well-sculpted feel.

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