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Twink on Top: The Finn in the Sauna

Here’s the entirety of Twink on Top: The Finn in the Sauna, a new story from the Twink on Top series! For fifty more Twink on Top tales, check out the first fifty-story boxed set, 50 Twinks Top 50 Tops!

John both cursed and praised his proudful streak after a day of hard negotiations in the far-north of Finland. He experienced a torrent of emotions because he couldn’t tell if he had totally blown it — making his current business venture a failure — or if he was about to call a press conference and declare a success. So a tumult of emotions roiled in his heart as he headed to the sauna. But when he finally settled in at the Irontop Sauna in Rovaniemi one Saturday afternoon to relax, the only feeling he could identify was fear. His business problems vanished, replaced only by sheer terror. Only one other person was in the sauna, and he was frightening.

The other man in the sauna stared at him, sweat dripping from his high cheekbones. He was a tall Finn with deep-set eyes, a grizzled jaw and muscles that went on for days. He looked like a shaved bear, John thought, except for the fact that the hair on his head — long, flowing hair that went past his broad shoulders — was blond like the sun. John had always thought men with long hair were sexy, and this guy also had muscle like a bodybuilder and a square, jutting jaw. He turned John on like few white men ever did.

John was an American businessman who had been living in Finland for two years, so he was comfortable with Finnish culture. He knew he wasn’t breaking any rules of the sauna. But the man glowered at him with unabashed hostility.

A part of him said to leave, begged him to rush out of there before this burly Finn attacked him. He could dress in a hurry, rush out the door and high-tail it to his car in the parking lot. He could call the police, but to say what: there’s a man looking at me? There’s a Finn in the sauna, help!?

Besides, John had been chased around by a bunch of bullies in his time. He didn’t intend to let that happen again; he wasn’t the weakest boy on the reservation anymore. He had never met an anti-gay Finn, but maybe, he thought, this burly fellow would be his first. If so, John intended to stand up for himself. John certainly made little effort to hide his homosexuality, so if there were any anti-gay Finns around, they might come looking for him.

Or it could be a racial thing — no Finns had expressed any racism to John since he came to this country, but they had no exposure to Native Americans aside from old Western movies from decades ago. Several of them had laughed when John said he was a Native American who owned a TV studio; they all thought natives didn’t operate businesses aside from bars, casino, nature trails and New Age massage parlors. The TV studio didn’t even have anything to do with Native American life; John had made a fortune in the US on a channel devoted exclusively to professional wrestling, and now he had come to Finland to start an all-LGBT Europe-wide channel.

The long-haired Finn stood and took a step towards John, whose heart raced. He was a thin little twink who couldn’t defend himself at all. What if this guy really was racist? Finland was very tolerant, but they had a contingent of wildly racist xenophobes who might not like Native Americans one bit. Or it might not even be a racial thing, he thought, this guy might assume anyone who owns a television channel is loaded with cash. Maybe he just wanted to rob John for the most traditional reason: to take his stuff.

“Hello,” said the man in thickly-accented English. His craggy face gleamed with sweat in the haze of the sauna’s löyly (“steam” — though that was a special word, used only for steam in a sauna because it carries spiritual connotations).

“Uh… Hi,” John said. When had the sauna emptied? It was just he and the big man now, and John was terrified.

“My name is Heikki.”

“Nice to meet you, Heikki. I’m John Redleaf,” he said. He held out a hand to shake, and when Heikki’s giant meaty paw collided with his, John shuddered in both fear and desire. Heikki was like a bodybuilder but without that vascular veininess that bodybuilders had, and which John didn’t find appealing. Heikki looked like he had built his muscles through real work, as a lumberjack or ice fisherman or who knew what. John had never felt so slender and weak.

Heikki grunted. “You are… American, yes? Indian?”

“Yes, that’s right. I’m an American Indian. Native American. Native American Indian. Not the Asian kind of Indian. American, uh… I’m from Montana. Indian-Montanan. Montanan-Indian. I, uh… That’s in America. In the West. Native Americans…-“ John was too nervous to think of anything meaningful to say right now.

“You are one of the gay. Yes?”

“Uh… Well… Uh… Yeah,” John said. Every part of his being told him to lie. Maybe John’s mannerisms wouldn’t come across as gay in Finnish culture. Maybe Heikki wouldn’t notice the slight lisp or the limp wrist. But John had never, at any point in his adult life, managed to pretend he was straight. In the heat of the moment, he couldn’t even think of how to lie much less how to do it successfully.

“That is good,” said Heikki. “You will do have some sex. Yes?”

“Uh…” John couldn’t tell if that was an offer, a prediction, a threat or a question, or some combination thereof.

Heikki walked away. John breathed a sigh of relief until he saw that Heikki wasn’t leaving. He walked to the door to the sauna and wedged it shut with a chair against the doorknob. Past the door was the “hot room”, where Finns got acclimated to heat before actually coming into the sauna itself. It didn’t sound like anyone was out there right now, making John nervous.


“I have always been seeing Surrounded by Tombstones,” said Heikki. “I have wanted to be doing this for many years.” He flopped his massive uncut cock between his fingers.

That name, Surrounded by Tombstones, sounded familiar but John couldn’t quite place it. Was it a movie? If he wasn’t distracted by Heikki’s shifting heft, his massive thighs and his giant cock, John might have recalled it as a TV show. In the US, it was called Surrounded by Arapaho. It was a Western action/drama show starring Sally Greenwald and Brendan Mitchell. John’s network didn’t air it, so he was only vaguely aware that Brendan Mitchell’s character — a cowboy named Sterling — had fallen in love with a male Arapaho Indian named Okomi. Their forbidden lust was one of the main plotlines on the show.

“Uh, so wait, I’m sorry… You want me to, uh… like suck your dick? Or whatever?” John said.

“Yes, I think we are agreementing,” Heikki said. He blushed. “I am not homosexually oriented. I like Indians.”

“You’re only gay for Indians? Is that… a thing?” John’s voice trailed off because he realized he didn’t care why Heikki wanted to do this. John loved servicing big alpha bears like Heikki, so if that was what he wanted, John didn’t care about how politically incorrect it was.

John shuddered when he reached up and tentatively grabbed Heikki’s cock. It was limp and moist from the humid sauna air, dripping with condensed löyly. Heikki’s muscles rippled like he was uncomfortable with John’s touch, but he sat down next to John on the wooden bench of the sauna.

Before John could get on his knees to suck cock, Heikki’s mitt-like hands gripped John’s delicate shoulders. John nearly fell backwards but Heikki held him in his massive biceps as John swooned. Then Heikki kissed him right on the lips.

It was an awkward kiss for a few reasons. First of all, Heikki seemed to have little experience with this — he seemed like the kind of rural lumberjack who rarely got laid despite his handsome face and bulging muscles; he was too crude and big for most girls, John suspected. Second of all, Heikki was clearly uncomfortable kissing a man. He hesitated at the last moment and his callused fingers explored John’s lithe chest as though Heikki expected to find breasts there. Thirdly, Heikki was simply huge.

He was at least a foot and a half taller than John, and probably outweighed him by two hundred pounds of solid muscle. John lost himself in those arms, and Heikki’s mouth was so big it felt like four Johns could have kissed him at the same time. John wondered if Heikki could swallow his entire head — it sure felt like it.

Heikki’s massive tongue pushed into John’s mouth. It was too awkward for John to lose himself in the heat of the moment, but his dick was rock-hard and he couldn’t think about anything other than the feel of Heikki’s pulsating muscles against John’s smooth skin.

When Heikki pulled away and grinned sheepishly, John reached into his crotch and gave his dick another stroke. Heikki was still totally limp, adding evidence to his claim to be straight — John was shocked; in America, when a man said he was straight but wanted to have sex with you, he nearly always turned out to be gay but in denial. Heikki really, genuinely came across as a straight man who had no idea what to do with a gay man. His dick was like a fleshy uncooked sausage dangling between his legs, behind a nest of curly dark-blond pubic hairs.

John stood and stretched his knees — he had been sitting for more than an hour — he was about to sink to the ground to suck on Heikki’s meat when Heikki dropped to his knees in front of John instead. He kissed John on the lips again, then moved to John’s neck, which he nuzzled with his slightly grizzled chin.

Their heights nearly matched up now, with Heikki on his knees on the ground and John standing in front of him. Heikki’s head was only a little above John’s.

From Heikki’s body language, it was obvious what he was going to do next, but John’s mind refused to accept it. Even back on his (relatively) gay-tolerant reservation in Montana, the sexual roles were pretty well set in stone — John was a twink who serviced bears. Big, strong and/or hairy men were tops, and John was a bottom. When straight or seemingly-straight men had gay sex, they sought out feminine-looking bottoms like John. All that was normal, predictable, exactly what John wanted and needed, back in America.

But maybe things were different in Finland. Much to John’s surprise as he stood there in front of Heikki, Heikki’s hand gingerly grabbed John’s dick. He gave it a few strokes, until precum leaked from the tip.

“Oh, wow, Heikki…” John blushed. He felt tiny. His cock was substantial, bigger than most men, even bigger than most Native Americans who, John thought, always had big cocks. But compared to Heikki every part of John felt small and weak. Heikki’s massive hand stroked John off by itself (most men had to use two hands to jack John off). When John was overcome by shocked passion, he leaned on Heikki’s massive chest, reminding John how tiny he was in comparison. Heikki’s muscles rippled beneath John’s touch.

But John assumed that that was where this ended, as far as Heikki pleasuring John went. Now Heikki would stand and want a blowjob. He’d probably facefuck John violently like macho straight guys usually did — that was fine with John, who loved it when men like Heikki abused his throat.

“You are smooth like girl and tasty on my tongue,” Heikki said as he kissed John’s arm and shoulders. He licked a trail of sensitive skin all the way down John’s chest, as John wondered where he would stop.

Was this really going to happen? A part of John’s mind had realized for several minutes that Heikki acted as though he was going to bottom, but that had been difficult to believe. It simply didn’t happen that way. John barely knew how to top. He had never in his entire life been on top with a man who was so much bigger than he was.

Then before John could process this, Heikki opened his mouth and swallowed John’s cock. He gagged right away as though he regretted doing it, then he let out a loud mewling sound around John’s dickshaft.

John was already hard, and his dick instantly sent pangs of pleasure up John’s spine. John drew in his breath and found he couldn’t bring himself to exhale, like he was worried anything he might do would remind Heikki that he is supposed to be a top.

His hands moved instinctively, and John found himself running his fingers through Heikki’s long blond hair. John had never felt anything so silken and beautiful, and the writhing mass of shoulder muscles beneath it made it even hotter.

“Ah, damn, Heikki, where did you learn to do this? What the fuck is on that Arapaho show?” John said — it seemed that Heikki was too intent on sucking cock to listen or remember any English, so Joh talked to himself. “I should have fucking bought that for my network. Fuck… We need more shows about gay Indians.” Who played Okomi in that show? John couldn’t think about it right now, but whoever it was must be the sexiest Indian in the world, if he had seduced a straight Finn from a continent away. John made a mental note to hire that actor for something, anything at all.

Heikki pulled away and spoke in Finnish. Haluan sinun naida persettäni! John had learned a few words here and there, but he had no idea what Heikki said. He smiled and nodded, though this experience had been so stressful and exhilarating that John’s smile was more of a grimace.

Heikki returned to sucking. It was awkward for him, having to stoop down to get into John’s crotch. To make it easier, John stepped up onto the wooden bench he had been sitting on. At last that meant John towered over Heikki, who was on his knees on the floor. Heikki could more easily suck cock, while John rested on his broad shoulders and massaged the tight layer of back muscles beneath him.

Then at last Heikki pulled off him again. He lightly tapped John’s asscheeks. He turned John around. John’s instinct was that this was it, Heikki wanted to top now, he was going to fuck John — which John was fine with, even if he was a little disappointed that his topping adventure ended so soon.

But Heikki didn’t fuck him in the ass. He dove his face between John’s cheeks and licked his asshole. Heikki shuddered in a mixture of delight and disgust as his tongue lapped at John’s ass. Due to the heat and humidity of the sauna’s löyly, both men were covered in salty moisture, and Heikki guzzled down every drop that clung to John’s flesh.

That didn’t last long before Heikki pulled away again. His big, callused hands roamed all over John’s body. He pushed John to sit back down on the bench.

Heikki stood and stretched his legs. Now that he stood and John sat, John’s face was well below Heikki’s crotch. John had to look up at him like a colossus, half-hard cock throbbing in the air as Heikki added more water to the hot coals on top of the sauna stove (the kiuas). A fresh burst of steam filled the air.

“It is good warm. Air is good for skin. And it is also for sex,” Heikki said. He may have blushed or his cheeks might have just gotten rosier from the heat, John couldn’t tell which.

Then Heikki took a deep breath, sighed and shook his head as he kneeled down on the ground. He sprawled his upper body over the bench John was sitting on. John was entranced by the looping curves of the man’s incredible shoulder muscles, and John’s delicate fingers traced the powerful, throbbing lines of his meaty shoulderblades.

Even though Heikki had made it clear he wanted to bottom, John’s tingled, shocked body still didn’t quite process what was happening, not right away. Heikki sprawled out on the bench next to John with his ass in the air — Heikki was so tall that even knelt over, his upraised ass was well above John’s navel.

It was obvious he wanted to get fucked, but John hesitated. What if he was misreading this situation? What if he accidentally offended Heikki by trying to fuck him?

But then Heikki reached one of his big-biceped arms around himself and rammed his pinkie into his ass to loosen it up. He grunted and his whole body tensed at first, then he relaxed.

Taking a deep breath, John mounted him from behind. “You gotta lower your ass some,” he said as he patted Heikki’s jiggling asscheeks. Heikki obediently lowered his hips until his ass was even with John’s crotch. That forced Heikki to awkwardly half-bend and half-stoop over the bench, but he didn’t seem to mind.

His mind reeled as he slipped his dick into Heikki’s ass. Heikki howled like a wolf, and John again wondered if he had done something wrong. But Heikki made no effort to leave, and John could tell that Heikki’s cock jerked from half-hard to stone-like and leaking precum. He must be into assplay, John thought.

That was confirmed as John slid more of his dick in. Heikki’s ass was not loose, but it was clear he was not a virgin either.

Heikki bit his lip and his muscles tensed all at once. He grunted, half-in-pain and half gasping with pleasure. It was like fucking a statue, John thought, all firm and unyielding. John couldn’t get a good grip, though he greatly enjoyed trying, clawing all over Heikki’s powerful frame.

But that was only the surface of Heikki’s body, which was indeed iron-like all over. He had muscles in places where John didn’t even think there were muscles. Inside Heikki’s ass, however, he was soft and pink and moist, inviting and warm, even compared to the heat of the sauna. John sped up his humping when it became clear that Heikki wasn’t in pain, and he moved from gingerly sticking it in and out to slamming his entire little twink body down on Heikki’s ass.

Like flicking a switch, it was obvious when John hit Heikki’s prostate and got past the big man’s discomfort. Heikki’s muscles all relaxed at once, and touching him was like a big warm, firm pillow. John lost himself in all that flesh, which throbbed and pulsated beneath John’s touch.

He had to stand on his toes, and when Heikki’s body rose a bit, John found himself elevated off the ground. He gripped Heikki’s back with both hands and humped until Heikki lowered himself again.

He even pulled on that long blond hair. It felt like perfect irony, he thought, since he usually serviced straight bears who liked to pull on John’s long black hair as they fucked him. John never understood why straight guys were into it.

But now that he was fucking a straight man with long hair, John totally understood. His delicate fingers grabbed a fistful of the löyly-moistened blond hair and pulled. He didn’t pull hard, just hard enough to make Heikki lift his head up.

Heikki crooned and let out a long, low moan that echoed in the small wooden sauna. John shuddered as Heikki’s asshole clenched. John’s free hand tried to stroke Heikki off but Heikki was so big that John struggled to reach his cock, and when he did, Heikki’s own paws were already furiously stroking his meat.

Then both men came at the same time. John was surprised by how suddenly his orgasm approached — he was not often a top, so he had little experience in this position — and overwhelmed him. His fingers tightened into talons that ripped at Heikki’s writhing muscles, while Heikki’s whole body tensed.

The smell of semen filled the air. Heikki groaned. He sprayed cum over John’s hands and onto the wooden bench beneath him, while John slammed his cock all the way in.

A thick burst of cum spurted out, coating Heikki’s insides. They both moaned together, in harmony like they were singing. The most intense orgasm of his life wracked John’s body. He shuddered and shivered despite the heat of the sauna.

He didn’t know how much he had shot. It felt like a huge orgasm. John could feel it sloshing around inside Heikki’s ass, sticking to John’s shaft and dripping down into the nest of hair around Heikki’s thighs. Every motion either one of them took sent shivers of exquisite afterclimax up John’s spine.

Then it was all over. The sauna seemed impossibly silent. Heikki’s labored breathing was audible, but distant, like the howl of a wolf outside.

John’s cock slowly limpened inside Heikki, whose muscles tightened as John dragged his fingertips overtop Heikki’s taut skin. Heikki gasped for air. Drops of cum dribbled from his cock, which John stroked while they both recovered from the intense orgasm.

Finally John was done. He gently extricated himself from Heikki, hopping off his back and letting his dick plop out. Heikki let out a sound that was half-sigh and half-roar, like an angry bear about to fall asleep.

He turned around, his broad chest gleamed with sweat and cum. John fell into his arms, sat on his lap and nuzzled the filthy flesh of his pectorals. Heikki cradled him close.

This felt more normal, John thought, a little twink like him relaxing in his alpha bear’s biceps. That was something John had done a hundred times before, but never with a big blond-haired muscle-god like Heikki. He traced the bulging curve of Heikki’s biceps as they both relaxed there.

“Thank you, Indian.”

John giggled. “You’re welcome, honky.” It didn’t look like Heikki recognized that word, which made John giggle even more. Heikki smiled along with him.

“We have become dirty,” Heikki said. He stood, looking down at the cum dripping from his chest. He glanced behind himself, where more cum clung to the fine blond hairs of his ass. He smiled awkwardly. He gestured towards the showers — Finns always showered before a sauna, so there were a few showerheads in the other side of the building — and smiled. “We must clean off.”

“Okay, yeah,” John said. “I guess we should.” He stood and stretched his legs as Heikki removed the chair that blocked the sauna door from opening. Then they both headed off to the showers.

“You have hotel?” Heikki asked. John nodded, and Heikki grinned. “You give to me hotel room number. I will come to visit. You will put penis in other Finns?”

“Uh… what?”

Heikki pantomimed chopping wood with an axe. “The men who I am working with, at wood-chopping camp. We all watch your show-“

“It’s not my show…” But it didn’t seem that Heikki was listening.

“And we like the Indian man. It is okay. We are all straight but we are tired of putting penis in each other. We want Indian man. We will come to hotel. Yes?”

John’s knees buckled and he nearly fell to the floor of the showering area. Was this for real? He couldn’t believe his luck. “Uh, yes! Yeah! Of course. Yes. I’ll… fuck any number of Finnish lumberjacks, is that what you’re asking?”

Heikki nodded and smiled. “We will all do it. It is a good show. Surrounded by Tombstones.”

“Yeah. Obviously a great show,” John said. He took a deep breath. “I will definitely start watching it.”